Top 9 Best Calvin Klein (CK) Colognes Review

Famous designer Calvin Klein, who began his company in the 1960s, has been (and still is, as far as the brand is concerned) a successful creator of clean and classy jeans back in the day to present. However, he’s not only world-famous for his back-pocketed jeans but also for his magnificent and brilliant perfume collections. He successfully launched “Calvin”, the first ever Calvin Klein perfume, in 1981 which made a huge noise in the fashion industry. The scent was a wonderful blend of amber and wood with just the right touch of jasmine to create a splendid masculine aroma. Because it hit big in the market, it wasn’t long after that new fragrances were developed and created. One of the most phenomenal fragrances made by Calvin Klein is called “Obsession” (for women in 1985 and for men in 1986) that became best-sellers at the time, and even today. Now, there’s more than a hundred fragrances that Calvin Klein boasts of, and here’s nine of them:


Calvin Klein Encounter Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

The Calvin Klein Encounter launched in 2012 with its campaign of masculine mystery and seduction. For those who want to show off some confidence and class at first impression,and then leave a powerful and mysterious aura at the last, this fragrance is a great choice to go with. It is a complex blend of scents on different levels of notes to create the right balance of sillage and longevity.

Calvin Klein Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Obsession is one of their best-sellingfragrances since 1986. The best description for this masculine aroma would be—intense, insane, and irresistible. For those who love to wear heavy scents all day long, Obsession would be the perfect choice because its scent is immensely profound even in day time or under the sunlight exposure!

Calvin Klein Dark Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

Successor to the CK Obsession comes the Calvin Klein Dark Obsession. The authentic and intense scent of its predecessor has been re-developed to create an even more lavishly powerful and hypnotically seductive masculine aroma. The most distinctive difference between the first to the latter is the heavy to moderate sillage it now possesses—and still very desirable to wear.

Obsession Night by Calvin Klein for Men

This fragrance is made especially for night occasions. It is described as the modern-oriental counterpart of the original 1986 Obsession. The most profound notes in Obsession Night are cardamom, nutmeg, and vetiver—making it a confidence-booster and highly seductive mood-setter!

Truth by Calvin Klein for Men Eau de Toilette

Truth by Calvin Klein launched in 2002. Unlike themany occasional-themed day/night aroma created by Calvin Klein, “Truth” is perfect for casual and every day wear. It’s light, soft, and moderate—the best compliment to complete your casual attire. You can spray an ample amount (however you desire) and be on your way worry-free anytime, anywhere!

Calvin Klein Intense Euphoria for Men Eau de Toilette

Compared to its predecessor, Calvin Klein Intense Euphoria (although a redevelopment) is slightly different because it’s made sweeter and less aromatic. It became a little bit more oriental than Euphoria but it’s definitely more significant and distinct. The amber color makes it more attractive and desirable, and the aroma—extravagantly alluring and bold.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Eau de Toilette

One of the best-sellers and classic originals of Calvin Klein is “Eternity” for men. This is one world-famous example of a timeless masculine fragrance that is dedicated for the romantic and refined family-man that highly values love, family, health, and intimacy that has been recognized all over the world for more than 25 years!

Calvin Klein Euphoria for Men Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Euphoria is an addictive and spellbinding fragrance that is enticing and sensual. With its soft to moderate touch of combined notes of ginger, black basil, and woodsy elements Euphoria creates an adventurous and daring atmosphere!

Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette

The Calvin Klein CK One is the first unisex citrusy fragrance from Calvin Klein that was released in the market in 1994. It is designed for a lavish application to your body that is fresh, pure, and serene—giving you a clean and innocent feel throughout. With a complex combination of top-middle-base notes, it became one successful rainmaker in the Calvin Klein perfume creations!