12 Best Creed Colognes for men Review

CREED perfumes and colognes come from a very long line of father-son oeuvre since the 1760s. First generation, and founder, James Henry Creed began concocting scents from different flowers, woods, water, and other elements creating unique and distinctive fragrances that produce a mesmerizing sensation to the sense of smell. Because of his brilliant creations, royalties, politicians, and famous celebrities from different countries acknowledged and recognized his handiworks. From the French royal square, to the British royal courtyard, to the American White House—the Creed name of perfumes and colognes continuously excelled and expanded—and even in Hollywood, today.

For more than 250 years of brewing and mixing colognes, the CREED brand is the only dynastic perfume company in the entire world that boasts of the name Creed being succeeded from generation to generation, that is, seven in total. Here are 12 of the best Creed colognes brought into the market from 1760 to present:


Creed Aventus Creed Millesime Spray for Men


Creed Aventus  is a joint effort creation of father and son, Olivier and Erwin Creed, which was launched in 2010. The amazing thing about Aventus is the fruity-sweet scent it gives off in the first few hours and the leathery-smoky aroma it produces as the perfume lasts in your body afterwards. The nice blend of the top to base notes are wonderfully combined together making a very bold sensation to the nose. Top notes include apple, pineapple, bergamot and black currant; middle notes include rose, Moroccan jasmine, patchouli and birch; and base notes include oak moss, vanilla, ambergris and musk.

If you want to display an aura of vision, vigor, and victory the Creed Aventus is the best choice of perfume that exemplarily manifests all three. Although Creed perfumes tend to be expensive, the superior quality it performs already merits the money you spend for it. While longevity is long lasting, the sillage can be moderate to heavy for some.


Green Irish Tweed by Creed for Men Millesime Spray


Green Irish Tweed  is perhaps the signature fragrance by the sixth generation successor of the Creed brand, Olivier Creed. This was launched in 1985, and is still very hot in the market today—especially in many celebrities worldwide. This perfume by the Creed house is described to be “a walkthrough along the Irish countrywide” because of its notes lemon verbena and iris (top), violet leaves (middle), and ambergris and sandalwood (base) that are combined altogether making a fruity, fresh, and fun sensation throughout.

The incorporated scents of floral and woody scents makes the Green Irish Tweed perfume very unforgettable to those who experienced its aroma in the air. The moderate sillage complements to the impression of a powerful but gentle masculine presence. It exudes a relaxing and romantic vibe that automatically influences the mood around you whenever your wear the Green Irish Tweed by Creed.


Creed Millesime Imperial Spray


The Imperial Millesime  Spray by Creed, launched in 1995, is a unisex perfume brewed with the essence of citrus groves and inspired by the beautiful shore of Sicily. Thus, the notes used in this perfume include different fruity notes and sea salt on top; lemon, mandarin orange, bergamot and iris in the middle; and on the base notes musk, woody, and other marine elements. The unique combination of these create a wonderful and refreshing aroma in a moderate manner so that it may require you to spray 2-3 times throughout the day, including in the evening.

What makes the Imperial Millesime spray wonderful to wear is the natural touch it can complement to your very own scent, plus the warm and whimsical mood it can create in the air around you. Although those who love a stronger fragrance will have to prefer another creation of the Creed house.


Creed Silver Mountain Eau de Parfum Spray for Men


Released in 1995, Silver Mountain Water  by Creed is an absolute refreshing sensation. To French creator Olivier Creed, it is like an adventure to the Swiss Alps’ high mountains along its endless-like stream of cold waters. True to its description, this fragrance (although longevity and sillage are both moderate) is a cool and fun-filled experience in some way. The notes used in this aromatic fragrance include mandarin and bergamot (on top), black currant and green tea (in the middle), and sandalwood, petit grain, Galbanum and musk (at the base).

Moreover, because of is recognizable metallic note, many find this particular fragrance cool and refreshing. However,there are also some who find this fragrance somewhat melancholic. Although the idea of Silver Mountain Water spray was sporty and playful, ironically, some find the mood it creates as drizzly and poetic. Give it a try and see how likely it does on you, too!


Creed Santal Eau de Parfum Spray for Unisex


With a combination of different kinds of fruity, floral, and woody notes, there is a lot going on in Creed Santal . However, the most apparent scents to recognize here are the spicy, aromatic, and woody elements that make up the most of this perfume. Although most of the components are masculine in nature, when put together as a whole, Santal also does a great job in complementing a woman’s natural scent.


Creed Vetiver by Creed for Men Eau de Parfum Spray


For some who don’t know, Creed Vetiver  came out in 1948. It is by far one of the carefully concocted masterpieces of the Creed house that many did not have to chance to appreciate because of the millennial fragrances (e.g. Aventus) released by the company. The best description due to this perfume would be refreshingly cool and clean. It’s not as powerful but it projects a traditional gentlemanly vibe throughout.


Himalaya by Creed for Men Millesime Spray


Himalaya is a masculine fragrance created by father and son Olivier and Erwin Creed as a remembrance of a mountain-climbing expedition. It projects the beautiful mountains and the eternal feel to its surroundings. Although many may find its scent “weak” compared to other Creed creations, the better description to use would be sudsy but subtly refreshing to the senses. Longevity tends to be moderate so you might find yourself spraying 3 times a day according to your preference.


Creed Royal Water Eau de Parfum Spray for Men


Creed Royal Water is a typical masculine fragrance that is very invigorating especially to men in their late 20s or early 30s. It displays a romantic atmosphere in the air and exudes an endearing personality as well. It’s best worn on romantic dates and other formal occasions because it also projects a gentlemanly aura that comes along a confident and exciting character.


Creed Royal Oud Unisex Millesime Spray


Creed Royal Oud is one of the unisex perfumes made by the Creed house. Although it’s both for men and women, the scent it can project to each sexuality may differ throughout consumption as it is primarily made with masculine ingredients. Wear this perfume when you go out and receive a lot of compliments because this one has bold and powerful aroma that is highly noticeable to anyone around you.


Creed Virgin Island Water for Men Millesime Spray


Creed Virgin Island Water is a celebrated perfume for both men and women. What makes this perfume attractive to both sexes is the adventurous atmosphere it exudes reflecting the beautiful sea and shores of the Caribbean. It generates a nostalgic vibe that resembles an experience around the salty waters and exotic splendors of the sea emanating throughout your body.Simply vibrant and amazing!


Creed Bois du Portugal Eau de Parfum Spray for Men


One of the very long lasting perfumes brewed by the Creed house launched in 1987. The Creed Bois du Portugal  is a masterpiece and a very enchanting fragrance that garnered a lot of attention since its release. The oriental and woody scents it exudes creates a rich and powerful masculine presence as well as a pronounced romantic and playful character too.


Erolfa by Creed for Men Millesime Spray


Erolfa by Creed  for men is an exciting fragrance made by the Creed house and sixth generation company owner, Olivier Creed. The perfume itself is already an ample experience of the Mediterranean seas. The scent it carries projects a happy family man that displays a loving and generous character to his wife and offspring. It is the perfect aroma for a fun-filled adventure with your family!

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Brandon Cummings - September 21, 2014

Hi Bethany, a friend of mine gave me a small vial of the Aventus as a gift, and it definitely struck me as a unique and pleasant cologne. Unfortunately one of my bigger cologne bottles fell on top of it and shattered it a couple days ago 🙁
I found this website that might help you http://www.fragrancevials.com/creed.html
I am considering ordering one to replace it and perhaps a few others I’ve yet to try! Goodluck 🙂

Brandon Cummings - September 21, 2014

This site seems to have more of them in stock http://theperfumedcourt.com/search.aspx?keyword=creed


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