Green Irish Tweed by Creed: A Fragrance that is Liked by Men and Adored by Women

Green Irish Tweed by Creed 3Green Irish Tweed is an exquisite scent for men, which was created and presented to the public in 1985 by the prestigious brand Creed. This fragrance is considered by numerous of different media outlets and consumers, around the globe, to be as classic as a perfectly tailored tuxedo suit on an Oscar night. I really wanted to verify this information for myself, as there are times where you cannot just trust what people state about a fragrance, as everybody has different tastes; therefore, you have to try it out for yourself. For that matter, I decided to purchase it three weeks ago to try it out and to provide you with the following Creed Green Irish Tweed review.

Let me start off by saying that this Creed cologne is worn by a handful of Hollywood leading men who have been noted to ask for this scent by its name. It is a film colony legend just like the actors who spray it on their clothes before shooting a movie scene.

Green Irish Tweed is one of the most artistic colognes from Olivier Creed, as it is composed of pure masculinity and invigorating freshness. It is one of the most successful colognes of this 250-year old luxury brand.

Green Irish Tweed by Creed 3This fragrance is classified by Creed as being a fresh and woody scent. Its characteristics are as refreshing as a walk through the countryside of Ireland. This cologne is one of the signature scents of Creed. It is green, fresh, rich, sporty, spicy, unforgettable, and original. It can be worn by any age group of men during any season of the year. It is perfect for men who like to go out and about, men who aren’t afraid of being adventurous, or men who enjoy living their lives to the fullest.

The top notes of this cologne include Florentine iris and French verbena. The middle notes contain violet leaves. The base notes contain ambergris and sandalwood from Mysore. As soon as you spray it on your clothes, you’ll have an ego boost (that is just how great it smells). It makes you feel unique and important. This scent will last you about 7 to 8 hours, which makes it an ideal scent that will last you from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. As soon as you walk-in to your workplace, it is a guarantee that you’ll captivate any individual with your unforgettable scent.

As you can tell, the Green Irish Tweed by Creed is one of those fragrances that all men should have, as it is a breath-taking scent that is adored by the opposite sex, and what man doesn’t want that? Ever since I started spraying it on my shirts, my lover wants to hug me all the time. For that matter, I totally recommend this fabulous fragrance to every man out there.

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