The Successful Scent of Silver Mountain Water

For over 250 years the House of Creed has been producing some of the most tantalizing scents in perfume, eau de toilette, and cologne for men. Originally, they only created their fragrances for royalty and later for the rich and famous. It wasn’t until 1970 that Olivier Creed first made the products available to the general public. More recently, the House has begun to offer accessories to their fragrances in the forms of body washes, scented soaps, and scented candles. But still, the best-selling items they offer are the colognes designed specifically for men, and one of the most popular of these is Creed’s Silver Mountain Water.

Launched in 1995 and rumored to have been created by master perfumer Olivier Creed himself, who once said it was his favorite, Silver Mountain Water has been a huge seller to men with a certain discerning taste in cologne. And men are not the only ones who enjoy the scent. Many women have purchased Creed colognes for men for their significant others, including Creed Silver Mountain, despite its somewhat daunting price tag of $330 for a 4 oz. bottle, according to their original website, Creedboutique. But you can also buy this fragrance on Amazon for a half of the that price, what a great deal! Some say it’s the most wonderful smelling line of colognes available anywhere in the world.

Silver Mountain Water 2With such steep prices, Creed colognes are not really meant for the average man-on-the-street. Clientele of the three Creed boutiques, in New York City, Paris, and Dubai, are generally well-to-do, successful persons who seek the highest quality in whatever they purchase or possess, whether young or old. But the majority of Creed’s patrons are around thirty and looking for symbols of wealth, or scents of wealth in this case. And Creed Silver Mountain Water is one of the best quality products the company has, part of the reason it has acquired so much fame.

Silver Mountain Water Other reasons for its popularity are the varieties of products that come with the Silver Mountain scent. There are perfumed oils, $170; deodorant, $68; as well as soaps, candles, and body washes.Creed’s colognes for men get their astounding aromas from a large variety of natural ingredients layered to provide a one-of-a-kind olfactory experience and unique character. For example, Silver Mountain has three levels of scent. Its top note comes from the essences of bergamot and mandarin, giving it a spicy yet sweet hint. The middle note comes from the edible aromatics green tea and blackcurrants, while the base scent is comprised of Galbanum, musk, sandalwood, and petit grain – all very masculine essences. The combination of ingredients makes for a cologne that provides multiple levels of enjoyment to those close enough to catch a whiff of its fragrance.

Creed Silver Mountain Water like all of the House of Creed’s merchandise, has its own classification, too. According to the company, it is marine, green, and fresh. Other cologne scents may be woody, softly oriental, or dozens of other things. According to their website, Silver Mountain has an aroma comparable to two of their other products, Original Vetiver and Royal Water.

Silver Mountain Water 5

When using a high-quality cologne or perfume such as Silver Mountain, it is important to remember that the better-made and the higher the quality, the less you need to wear. As Creed’s products are made with real ingredients used with care and expertise, one spray or maybe two is all that you need to have that wonderful scent with you all day or night .Even though the House of Creed only has three stores in the world open to the public, they still manage to be one of the most successful perfumeries around. The quality of their products and the innovative, one-of-a-kind scents they produce are sure to keep them at the top.

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