Virgin Island Water by Creed Review – Unisex Fragrance

Virgin Island Water by Creed

The House of Creed has been producing Creed Cologne for seven generations but it was a sailing holiday near Ginger Island that inspired Oliver Creed and his son Edwin to bring out their newest fragrance. They wanted to celebrate the exotic scents they experienced on the trip which was carried by the trade winds in Sir Francis Drake Channel and when they got home they set to work on their Creed Virgin Island Water Cologne.

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They formed a base by mixing sugar cane, musk and white rum then created a citrus cocktail comprising white bergamot, Jamaican lime and Sicilian mandarin and blended it together with the base. The final stage was to mix the white inner flesh of a coconut with Indian Jasmine, the essential calming oil Ylang-Ylang which has a soft, flowery fragrance and cold spicy ginger.

Virgin Island Water by Creed 2

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Creed had previously produced cologne for men and cologne for women but Virgin Island Water by Creed which they launched in 2007 was the first genuine unisex cologne they had brought out because it’s light tropical fragrance was suited to both men and women. The women love it because it is light and sexy and the men love it because of the fragrance of rum blending with coconut and lime.

Because of the alcohol content, it is better suited to 20 somethings rather than teenagers and is ideal for people who like to be transported to long sandy beaches, tropical palm trees, turquoise seas and endless blue skies. When you wear this cologne that is what it will remind you of.

The cologne is expensive but that is because it is totally unique. It is easy to spot because of its beautiful plain glass bottle with the famous Creed logo on the front and the sapphire bluegrass stopper and you can purchase it in large or small sizes.

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