Curve Cologne for men review

Liz Claiborne Inc. was founded in the year 1976. The original partners of the company included Leonard Boxer, Jerome Chazen, Art Ortenberg, and of course Liz Claiborne. The company designs and markets a large range of men and women’s fashion apparel and accessories that are appropriate for wear to both casual and dressy occasions. In addition, the company is well known for the fragrances that it offers. Some of the brands of the company include Bora Bora, Axcess, Crazy Horse, Dana Buchman, Lucky Brand, Marvella, Mambo, Monet, as well as many others. Additionally, the company has the rights to create products under the brand names of Kenneth Cole. Over the years this company has grown into a large conglomerate that sells many different items for both men and women.

The Curve line of colognes for men offered by Liz Claiborne were launched in 1996 by the design house of Liz Claiborne. The line of colognes has been classified as being refreshing, lavender, spicy, and amber fragrances. To add a more masculine scent to the line a blend of warm wind, fresh greens, mahogany, pepper, and water. The scents are recommended for use during the daytime.Many women enjoy these great scents for men and men enjoy wearing them. In addition, the Curve line from Liz Claiborne is extremely affordable. Here are a few of the Curve colognes for men that are available.


Curve by Liz Claiborne for Men

Curve By LIZ CLAIBORNECurve for men by Liz Claiborne can be purchased for $26 for a 6.8 ounce bottle. This is the original scent in the collection and offers a refreshing scent for men. The scent was launched in the year 1996 and offers a blend of warm wind, fresh greens, and pepper. The finishing notes are water and mahogany. It is recommended that Curve be worn during the day and applied twice per day.


Curve Wave by Liz Claiborne for Men

Curve Wave by Liz Claiborne for MenCurve wave is sold for around $20 for a 4.2 ounce bottle. The ingredients for this great cologne for men include liquid oxygen, juniper, mint, and musk. This combination provides a refreshing scent that men will enjoy wearing and women will enjoy smelling on their man. The scent was launched by the Liz Claiborne Company in the year 2005. It is recommended that Curve Wave be worn during the day.


Curve Connect by Liz Claiborne for Men

Curve ConnectA 4.2 ounce bottle of Curve Connect sells for around $15. The scent is a combination of Tonka bean, teas, tobacco, flowers, and sandal wood. When applying a scent such as this it is important to remember that there are certain things that may affect the way it smells. This includes your age, your body chemistry, your diet, and your stress levels. Women love the smell of this cologne when it is used as it is just strong enough and provides a scent that is masculine and sexy.


Curve Crush By Liz Claiborne For Men

Curve CrushAnother option in the Curve collection from Liz Claiborne is Curve Crush. This cologne for men sells for around $28 for a 4.2 ounce bottle. This scent has been referred to as impulsive. It combines a great freshness that is heightened through the crisp herbs that are extremely clean. This is surrounded by a warm moss and musk to give it that manly scent.


Liz Claiborne Curve Appeal Men Cologne Spray

Curve AppealFor a price of around $24 for a 2.5 ounce bottle, Curve Appeal has a lot to offer. This particular scent from the Curve collection provides top notes of calypsone, Italian bergamot, mandarin, and watermelon. The mid notes of lavender, cardamom and pepper wood are finished with base tones of amber, suede, and clean musk. This scent is incredibly sexy and provides you with a sensual scent that women will enjoy.

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Harold Upchurch - August 26, 2014

I used to wear this cologne for so many years but now it seems as if it’s been Watered Down! It smells like a bottle of rubbing alcohol!!
Please! Tell me where I can buy the original smell of cologne curve for men.what store in Philadelphia has the true scent that I loved soooooooo much,tell me PLEASE!


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