Top Men’s Cologne: Hot New Releases

The way a man smells is very personal and a form of self-expression. With this being said, cologne companies play an important role in determining the top men’s cologne of the season. This year, the theme of some of the best men’s colognes seems to be wood. Many of the hot new releases in men’s cologne this year feature woody scents including woods such as oud, cedar, and sandalwood. There are some that even have a bit of citrus and other aromatic notes added to them to give them character. Here are a few of the hot new releases for the year.

Vince Camuto for Him

Camuto has catered to women for years and has finally decided to tackle the men’s cologne market. The first cologne offered by Camuto offers lots of citrus and cedar, including notes of lime. In addition, there are also hints of black pepper, patchouli, and leather, all of which combine to offer a truly manly smell.

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Spicebomb is the creation of Viktor and Rolf, two upscale fashion designers from Amsterdam. This men’s cologne offers a peppery zing when first sprayed on and then changes to a more sweet and masculine tobacco base. For someone that is looking for something a bit different, this may be a perfect choice as it is truly unique. And since it’s called Spicebomb, it also comes in a bottle that is shaped like a hand grenade.

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Eau Sauvage Parfum

Eau Sauvage Parfum is the latest offering from Christian Dior and is one of the top men’s cologne of the year. This is an update from the classic Eau Savage that was first released by Dior in 1966. The older version had floral notes; the latest version is woodier with notes of myrrh. The myrrh is not sweet smelling but has a burnt and smoky smell to it. The scent is quite powerful and not likely good for the office. However, it is probably perfect for an evening out.

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Tom Ford Noir

Tom Ford Noir offers a refreshing and floral scent with hints of violets, irises, and powder. While this may sound a bit feminine, the cologne quickly develops into something warmer, darker, and sexier. The spices of this cologne win out overall, but the hint of floral notes remains. Overall, this is a sophisticated scent offered by one of the top designers of the century.

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HiM by Hanae Mori is one of the top men’s colognes of the year with its powerful punch that is spicy and fresh. The top notes have a hint of gray pepper, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot, cardamom, and violet leaves. The heart of the Cologne offers fig, Tonka Bean, and cinnamon bark notes. This scent closes with woody scents of amber, musk, teak, and white cedar.

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