Best 5 Ralph Lauren Polo cologne for men review

The Polo brand of colognes has been a long tradition of sprays for men that was created by Ralph Lauren in 1978. For many years, the Ralph Lauren Polo collection has been one of the top-selling fragrances of intense classic and irresistible contemporary scents of woody and oriental (with a touch of floral then and there) essence. The collection was originally designed for a casual outdoor setting (just like how it was named after a famous English sport—Polo)indicating a rich, noble, and confident aura in the air. Over the years, it has conformed to the modern and contemporary-like blend of spice and woody elements making it more exciting, adventurous, and alluring without losing its genuine class and elegance.Here are the top five of the best-sellers of Ralph Lauren’s Polo colognes collection:


Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense for Men

The Polo Red Intense is a newly released fragrance of the Ralph Lauren collection which officially came out in the market in 2015. Many buyers and users loved the intensified Red Polo that has a very distinct smell of fresh cranberry and coffee in the first 4-7 hours. If you want a darker and more profound scent throughout the day, the Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense Eau de Parfum spray is a must-have! It gives you a long lasting combination of spice and wood—that is earthy but elegant, and a little bit of a spicy and sweet sensation.


Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men

This is a woody aromatic scent by Ralph Lauren which was officially launched in the market in 2005. It combines an ecstatic first impression of a sweet floral sensation on the top notes and a more elaborate distinctive woody base notes. The Polo Black is designed to be worn at any time of the day in almost all kinds of occasion and atmosphere whatsoever you feel like getting into. It has a very playful yet elegant and gentlemanly aura that is moderate but surprisingly alluring. It’s a great mood setter—anytime, anywhere!


Ralph Lauren Polo Red

The Ralph Lauren Polo Red is a celebrated fragrance in the Ralph Lauren Polo collection that was released in 2013. The aroma revolves around a fiery theme making its definite ingredients superior in the color (from the top, middle, to base notes) such as red grapefruit, red saffron and sage, and red wood with hot amber and redolent coffee beans. The mostly soft sillage of this fragrance has a moderate indulgence that creates an impression of richness and warmth—with a subtle twist of a hazy seduction and intimacy. It creates a light-hearted ambiance which genuinely affects your mood throughout.


Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren for Men

The Polo Blue is one of top-sellers of the Ralph Lauren Polo collection introduced in 2002 that was not officially released until 2003. What makes this fragrance unique and remarkable to all buyers and users worldwide is the cool and casual vibe it produces all day. Many people label it as “cool, clean and dry” because of its immense aquatic aroma blended with the fresh and sensational top notes of a fruity-like impression and a lasting woodsy base notes of musk and suede with a wonderful mix of basil, geranium, and sage in the middle. The straight-from-the-shower impression it exposes is the perfect mood to set that works superbly on both casual outdoor and a grand and fancy formal setting!


Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men (Classic Green)

This is the classic name and face of the whole Polo by Ralph Lauren Collection. How famous and best-seller the successors of this fragrance may have been in the last 37 years or so, they owe to this vintage and pioneering spice and perfume. This is one of the ageless and timeless scents that have stood between the tests of time. The classic Polo by Ralph Lauren is the most masculine fragrance of all since it does not contain any floral scent but rather a combination of woody and oriental. It presents the strong and rich personality of men—but, of course, along with its handsomely refined aura which most of men can relate to. It is the perfect balance of a stern and noble impression and atmosphere.