Tom Ford Extreme: How Else Would You Like It

Tom Ford Extreme

Who would not like to stand out? If you would, then at least do it for the right reason. Tom Ford Extreme Eau De Toilette Spray is the fragrance you need to turn heads as you walk by. Maybe even get complimentary statements here and there. This Tom Ford cologne is a masculine fragrance and was launched in November 2007 as a limited edition. Produced by Tom Ford for men, the Tom Ford Extreme EDT Spray is an elevated version of the Tom Ford for men fragrance. Tom Ford Extreme has quickly gained popularity among young men. Its mild yet intense fragrance offers a more sensual approach to style. Sort after by many young men, the Tom Ford Extreme expresses personal style and confidence in its users. This would surely be an easy way to attract ladies. The sweet smell of the fragrance accompanied by masculine hints will intrigue not only the ladies but also other men who would want to be in your shoes.

Tom Ford ExtremeThe packaging of the Tom Ford Extreme Eau De Toilette Spray is precise. At first glance, you get hold of a cuboid-like box in neutral colors of bronze or dark amber. A sneak peek into the box and you have hit the jackpot. Inside, you find a transparent glass bottle with an elongated lid that holds 50 ml of its liquid contents. On a more careful observation, you set your eyes on the Tom Ford cologne enclosed in the glass bottle. This simple yet striking display screams out ‘men’. The simplicity of the packaging is an appealing feature to men.

The major ingredients in this Tom Ford cologne include lemon, orange, citrus, grapefruit, basil, bergamot, amber, mandarin, ginger, vetiver, violet leaf, black pepper, oak moss, tobacco leaf, cedar, leatherwood, patchouli, and cypress. Ingredients such as oranges, grapefruit and cypress impart the cologne with a sweet fragrance. The masculinity of the cologne is enhanced with hints of the tobacco leaf, cedar, and oak moss. The blend of these ingredients work perfectly to add an extra oomph to the classic woody men’s fragrances.

Tom Ford Extreme , being an eau de toilette, has a low concentration of perfume. Its high water content makes it a mild fragrance. This makes you it the go to fragrance when attending occasions and events. Its mildness prevents it from overpowering the individuals personality or the environment. The Tom Ford cologne is applied directly to the skin for that long lasting fragrance smell.

This limited version of the Tom Ford cologne can be bought in Tom Ford boutiques, exclusive beauty shops and online stores.


• It does not overpower other aspects.

• It is long lasting.

• It smells great.


• It is expensive.

• It is not that different from the original Tom Ford for men.

• It is not as intense as the name ‘extreme’ suggests.

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