Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: Bring Some Spice Into Your Life

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille 2

Before American designer and film director, Tom Ford directed the Oscar-nominated film “A Single Man” starring Colin Firth he created his own fashion label and produced a private collection of exclusive perfume and cologne. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is part of this private collection and this cologne which was launched in 2007 is much sought after by both men and women. Women love its warm, spicy fragrance and the men like the masculine smell of tobacco which is noticeable but not too strong.

This Tom Ford Private Blend Fragrance is created from a base of sweet dried fruit and sweet wood sap mixed with tobacco blossom, vanilla, and cocoa. The final ingredients are tobacco leaf and aromatic spices plus the heart of the tonka bean. This is all carefully blended to produce an oriental spicy fragrance which is sold in a distinctive brown bottle. Exclusive to Tom Ford it appeals to young men and women who like the idea of wearing Tom Ford cologne, the added attraction of him being a famous American film director also draws them to his private collection of cologne.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille 4What is so special about this actual cologne that sends it flying off the shelves? Firstly it is totally different to any other cologne on the market and second, although it is expensive, couples can invest in one bottle between them and share it. Cologne smells different on everyone who wears it, depending on their skin type and texture so it would not be outwardly obvious they were sharing the same fragrance.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille gives out a sweet, vanilla, warm spicy aroma with a hint of tobacco. It is exotic and aromatic and gives the wearer a hint of the Orient and makes them feel exotic when they wear it. It is an acquired taste as it is a strong perfume which lasts a long time and even after a shower the fragrance lingers. Two sprays will last you all day into the next morning.

It is more of a winter fragrance than summer as the smoky aroma reminds you of log fires and cozy nights in, the only criticism came from a man who found the cherry vanilla smell too much and felt he was wearing Dr. Pepper.

 Pros of Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille

  • Couple of sprays lasts a long time
  • Can be worn by men and women
  • Exotic Oriental Fragrance
  • Lovely presentation
  • Exclusive to Tom Ford
  • Not too sweet


  • Not really a summer fragrance
  • Expensive to buy
  • Strong perfume
  • Non-smokers may not like the smell of tobacco.
  • Not for those trying to give up smoking.
  • Has aroma of cigar/mild pipe tobacco

The tobacco fragrance is not overpowering but is definitely there which is why it may be hard for non-smokers or those who have given up smoking.

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