Does deodorant cause cancer?


We were born into a world where chemicals have become a part of our daily lives. We buy complicated chemical combinations every day and apply it directly to our bodies. We do this to boost our confidence and smell better, without being aware of any potential harmful side-effects that these products might have. We’ve seen a significant rise in cancer patients over the last few decades, so we would be right to demand an answer to the question: “Can deodorants cause cancer?”.

What ingredients in deodorants might be harmful?

The concern does not lie with deodorants, but deodorants that are combined with antiperspirants. The main concern that lies with antiperspirants is that most of them contain aluminum and parabens.

Aluminum and parabens are used in antiperspirants to block your sweat ducts temporarily and some scientists believe that the built-up checmicals on your skin can cause hormonal effects which are associated with breast cancer. Not all deodorants contain antiperspirants, so check the packaging of the product you’re using to see if it’s a Deodorant or  Antiperspirant Deodorant.

What is the verdict?

Luckily the tests conducted in 2002 on women wearing deodorants and antiperspirants concluded that there was no connection between antiperspirants and and increased risk of women contracting breast cancer ( or other forms of the disease).

Rather safe than sorry

If you’re still afraid of the effects that antiperspirants might have on your body or just health-conscious, there are products that contain ingredients other than aluminum and parabens. There are a large range of natural deodorants and antiperspirants available online which you can try instead of the chemical options.

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