Best Perfume Gifts for Mother’s Day 2018: Fragrances Mom will Love


What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day 2018

It’s that time of year again when we show the mothers in our lives just how much we love and appreciate them. Actually, you should be showing these special women in your life how much you love and appreciate them year round but I digress…

If you have visited a perfume counter recently, you know that the sales reps are especially aggressive this time of year and trying to find the best perfume for that special woman, whether it’s your mother or the mother of your children can be challenging. There seems to be a new celebrity scent out every week along with all of the other designer scents on display at the major department or beauty stores. Well, you’re in luck today! We’re here to break down some of the best classic perfumes this year. Some you may have heard of and some may be new to you but you are sure to find something that the mother in your life will love. And if not…well, keep the receipt.

Check out this list of 7 popular perfumes for Mother’s Day.

Versace Bright Crystal



Versace Bright Crystal is one of the most popular Versace perfumes in the world. This is a bold scent for the woman that likes to make a statement with her scent. This classic described as “enthralling and voluptuous”, this scent has notes of pomegranate grains, hints of magnolia, vegetal amber and Lotus flower.

Giorgio Armani Si




Giorgio Armani Si is another popular fragrance for women. Described as a scent that “lingers on the skin and enchants the senses”, Si has a top note of black currant nectar and a blond wood base, so it’s not overly sweet, but is distinctly feminine. Get this one for the elegant, stylish lady in your life.

What is meant by the term “notes” when describing perfumes or colognes? Notes refer to the layers of scent. Top, or head notes, are the initial scents you experience when you spray or apply a fragrance. Top notes tend to be strong and evaporate quickly. Middle notes, or heart notes, are the main body of a perfume and appear from twenty minutes to an hour after application. The base notes appear after the middle notes evaporate. Base notes evaporate slowly and are usually not perceived until 30 minutes after the application of the perfume or cologne. When you are shopping for a new scent, it’s a good idea to spray a bit on a wrist or a card then wait for thirty minutes and see if you still love the scent after the top notes are gone.

Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women

image of Romance by Ralph Lauren



Romance by Ralph Lauren is for the distinctly feminine woman. If your mother or special woman loves all things girly, this is a perfect match. Notes include velvety woods, florals and seductive musk.

J’Adore by Christian Dior





From the Dior house of perfume comes J’Adore, a lovely fragrance that women of all ages can enjoy. This iconic fragrance is described as “a custom made flower”. Top notes of ylang-ylang coupled with the heart notes of Damascus Rose and base notes of jasmine make for a powerful fragrance for the sensual, mysterious woman.

La Vie Est Belle


La Vie Es Belle by Lancome



Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle features award-winning actress Julia Roberts as the face of this uplifting scent. The name comes from the French expression “Life is Beautiful” and what woman wouldn’t feel beautiful wearing this scent? Iris, the top note, is described as “blossoming from the first to the last note like never before”. The heart note is Patchouli for depth and the base note is sweet gourmand. This fragrance is for the trailblazing woman that knows who she is and what she wants out of life.


Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds For Women


image of White Diamonds perfume


While this classic fragrance may be the oldest one on our list with a launch date of 1991, it is still one of the bestselling fragrances on the market today. Elizabeth Taylor was not the first celebrity to stamp their name on a fragrance, but Ms. Taylor paved the way for all other celebrity fragrances out today.

White Diamonds is a sheer floral fragrance which includes top notes of neroli, orange and lily, heart notes of violet, rose and jasmine (a common trio for perfumes) and base notes of Patchouli, musk, amber and sandalwood.

Vince Camuto

image of Vince Camuto perfume



Designer Vince Camuto’s first fragrance is for the contemporary, sexy and sophisticated woman. With top notes of rum absolute and osmanthus nectar, heart notes of Bulgarian rose and night jasmine, the base notes are what makes the fragrance unique: vanilla absolute, patchouli, Brazilian amber and leathery musk. Also, the bottle is a beautiful glass flacon with a cap sculpted as a filigree flower.


All of the perfumes featured in this post have been out for atleast three years and are popular for a wide age range. You are sure to find something for every special woman in your life.




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