6 Bond No. 9 Perfumes You Must Try in 2020; Best Bond No. 9

Bond No. 9 Perfumes

Bond No. 9 is the scent of New York. Founded in 2003, Bond No. 9 fragrances immortalize the city of New York with 129 unique and bold fragrances that tantalize the senses. Yes, you read that correctly…129 different scents. The scents are like love letters to the city. Whether you are a Park Avenue, Queens or Brooklyn kind of girl, Bond No. 9 has a scent for you. Here we highlight the best Bond No.9 perfumes for 2020.


New York NightsBond No. ( NY Nights Perfume

New York Nights is a celebration of Manhattan’s evening skyline, that comes in a night blue bottle dazzled with technicolor lights. This bottle will look good on your dresser.

Top notes are gardenia, carnation and jasmine; middle notes are include sea notes, patchouli and sandalwood; base notes are coffee and caramel.

Some fans are reminded of eating caramel and banana pudding in their reviews, which may or may be what you want in a perfume but this is a good scent for cooler months.


QueensBond No. 9 Queens Perfume

Queens is a unisex fragrance that is a celebration of the most ethnically diverse place on earth. The borough of Queens is home to a range of colors, cultures and scents.

This perfume is a special blend of spicy and soft. The spice reveals cardamom but there is also a light flowery tone with a base of musk and amber.

The bottle design, which features a golden globe, reminds us of the diversity of Queens, the home of many cultures of the world.

Fans confirm a fruity tuberose scent with musky and yellow floral spices. However, many also think the sweetness of the scent is more suited for women than men. The scent has a strong presence with a balmy and exotic feel behind the florals.

Bond No. 9 Classics

For the classic and most popular fragrances by Bond No 9, try The Scent of Peace, Bleeker Street, Union Square, and Chinatown.

The Scent of PeaceBond No. 9 Scent of Peace

Touted as a unisex scent, the Scent of Peace comes in a gorgeous purple bottle with images of peace and love. We think this is definitely more of a feminine scent but you be the judge. Check out the men’s version of Peace.

Peace notes include: grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, hedione, cedarwood, musk.


Union Square

Union Square is all about fresh flowers and Bond No. 9 has attempted to capture that essence in a cool, vibrant bottle. The scent is a true green floral that runs warm and cool and is distinctly feminine.

Notes: Lily of the valley, green stem, blue freesia, white birchwood, amber, and musk.




Bond No. 9’s Chinatown is a seductively dynamic eau de parfum. Its top noteBond No. 9 Chinatown Perfume is a burst of peach blossom, blended with creamy-sweet gardenia and sultry tuberose and a hint of patchouli adds a spicy note to the other florals. On one side of the bottle, the flowers are the color of iridescent pearl on a deep fuschia background. Turn it over, and in yin-yang style, it’s the same design with the colors reversed. A feminine scent perfect for her.



Bleeker StreetBond No. 9 Bleeker St unisex

Bleeker Street combines art, fashion, seduction, and dessert.

Another unisex option our list, Bleeker Street is a modern, fashion-forward scent that goes from the office to the sky bar without skipping a beat. Described as a “woodsy gourmand oriental” by the Bond team, it evokes the true spirit of the West Village with a blend of Jasmine and cinnamon. The vivid bottle is inspired design by artist/designer Rachel Katz, to reflect the season’s rich tones. Top notes include: Violet leaf, cassis, thyme; Middle notes: Jasmine, cedarwood, cinnamon;Base notes: Oakmoss, suede, patchouli, amber, vanilla


Whatever your borough, you will love Bond No 9’s diversity, uniqueness, and boldness. Bond No 9 brings New York alive through scents. The unique bottle design, which comes in hundreds of shades and colors, is instantly recognizable as a New York icon.

What’s your neighborhood and what’s your scent of New York?

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