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Overwatch’s Archives Event Returns With New Skins

Like clockwork, Overwatch is back with another Archives event, but this one is a little different. Although players will be entering the same Archives Brawls from previous years, extreme modifiers to both the enemies and players should make them play out differently. In the first week of the event, which kicks off now, two Uprising […]

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Tips and Tricks – Nioh 2 Wiki Guide – IGN

We’ve compiled a list of the most essential things you should know when playing Nioh 2 – there will be no story spoilers involved, but there are details about certain mechanics that some players may want to find out about on their own – read on at your own risk. Adjust Your Control Scheme to […]

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GI Show — E3 Is Canceled, Now What?

On this week’s episode of The Game Informer Show, Andy McNamara is joined by Andrew Reiner, Dan “The Jacket” Tack, and I to discuss the bad news of E3’s cancellation and what it means for the future of the show.  But it’s not all gloom and doom as we also get to chat about how […]

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List of All Pokemon and Locations – Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Wiki Guide – IGN

Pokemon Location Bulbasaur Starter Pokemon Joyous Tower Ivysaur Evolution Venusaur Evolution Charmander Starter Pokemon Fiery Field Charmeleon Evolution Fiery Field Charizard Evolution Mt. Faraway Squirtle Starter Pokemon Murky Cave Waterfall Pond Wartortle Evolution Northwind Field Blastoise Evolution Mt. Faraway Caterpie Purity Forest Metapod Joyous Tower Butterfree Pitfall Valley Weedle Fantasy Strait Illusory Grotto Joyous Tower […]

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