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14 All-Time Classic Men’s Summer Fragrances

Summer might be the time we all shop for shades, shorts and sunscreen, but it’s also the perfect time to grab a new scent. We’re not just saying that to make you buy another bottle of the smelly stuff. There are some very good reasons for switching to a different, lighter fragrance as the mercury […]

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How To Get Chris Evans’ Glorious Beard

Better known as the goodie-two-shoes of the Marvel universe and cleanest-cut superhero around, Captain America, Chris Evans nevertheless does a great sideline in rugged facial hair. Although it was first seen in a number of his early films, the Chris Evans beard really became a thing with Avengers: Infinity War and now the glorious facial […]

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The Best Shampoo For Every Hair Type

If you take a look inside the modern man’s bathroom cabinet, you’ll probably find enough products to moisturise a small army. Vain creatures, these 21st-century chaps. But while most are happy to sort out their skin, shaving and scent routines to a religious degree, there is a whole category of grooming that’s often overlooked: haircare. […]

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