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Best Male Perfumes Worn By The Most Stylish Men

Best Male Perfumes Worn By The Most Stylish Men Having already read the Fashion Beans guides to dressing for your body shape, nailing smart-casual and picking the right tie to wear with your shirt — you have read them, right? — it’s likely you’ve already got your appearance refined, but it’ll all be for naught […]

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Every Fragrance You Need To Try In 2021

The power of scent is formidable. Just the faintest whiff of a familiar fragrance can instantly evoke cherished childhood memories, remind you of your first love or – in the case of your noxious hangover breath on New Year’s Day morning – kill instantly. So why not harness the force of fragrance for good in […]

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The Best Vetiver Fragrances: An Expert Guide

The Best Vetiver Fragrances In order to understand the best vetiver fragrances we need to understand what is vetiver. Vetiver is a long tropical grass that is native to India, but today it is cultivated all around the world.  The essential oil is extracted from the roots of the plant to produce perfumes. The root […]

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A Complete Guide to Men’s Fragrances and Aftershaves

Complete Guide to Men’s Fragrances Men’s fragrances are their own special science. One of the rare occasions when chemistry and artistry not only collide but are treated with equivalent levels of respect and appreciation. This guide to men’s fragrances will explore all categories of fragrance. However, as with any mega-bucks profit-generating global industry, it does […]

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The Best Deodorant For Men Who Want To Smell Good

Best Deodorant For Men who Want to Smell Good It’s time to look at deodorant with fresh eyes (and a fresh nose). Once it was a simple choice between whatever you were given at Christmas and something with a scent called ‘Cool Blast’ (whatever one of those smells like). Now it’s an armpit onslaught comprising […]

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What Your Choice Of Fragrance Says About You

Like your clothes, your favourite tipple or your most played on Spotify, your choice of fragrance says a lot about the type of man you are. “Because the sense of smell leads us straight to that part of the brain that deals with our emotions, completely bypassing rationale, you might say our choice of fragrance […]

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