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The Bald Truth About Getting A Hair Transplant

It’s a tell-tale sign we’re getting older. Before the wrinkles come and the back goes, a lot of men start losing their hair strand by strand. Male pattern baldness affects more than half of all men, with one study finding that 53 per cent of us will experience moderate to extensive hair loss by our […]

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10 Summer Fragrances Every Man Needs To Know About

Want to smell good this summer? Of course you do. Who, bar bona fide sociopaths and hardcore body odour fetishists, wouldn’t? Sadly, basic hygiene – while a good start – only goes so far in the battle against heat-induced funk. To ensure you always smell fresh, you’ll need an eau de something at your disposal. […]

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11 Key Grooming Trends For A Good-Looking Summer

Burnt skin, incessant sweating, insect bites, hay fever. Summer’s a handsome time of year. More than any other season, it calls for you to restock your bathroom cabinet and think proactively about grooming, if only because there’s more skin on show. So how to look devilishly good when it’s devilishly hot? Well, you start by […]

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14 All-Time Classic Men’s Summer Fragrances

Summer might be the time we all shop for shades, shorts and sunscreen, but it’s also the perfect time to grab a new scent. We’re not just saying that to make you buy another bottle of the smelly stuff. There are some very good reasons for switching to a different, lighter fragrance as the mercury […]

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