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Neroli Fragrances: An Expert Guide

A fragrance needn’t slap you (or your fellow commuters) in the face. Yes, you want to turn heads, but you want to do it for the right reasons. On a date, the aim should be to make your dining companion lean in for a closer sniff, not leave them feeling like they’ve just huffed glue […]

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14 All-Time Classic Men’s Summer Fragrances

Summer might be the time we all shop for shades, shorts and sunscreen, but it’s also the perfect time to grab a new scent. We’re not just saying that to make you buy another bottle of the smelly stuff. There are some very good reasons for switching to a different, lighter fragrance as the mercury […]

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The Best Winter Fragrances For Men You Can Buy In 2021

The idea that men’s fragrances should always tally with the calendar seasons is a dated and quite frankly flawed concept. Admittedly, some scents – the ones usually ripe with citrus fruits, aquatic notes, or smell of freshly cut grass – are better suited to summer, while those steeped in woods, resins, leather and Middle-Eastern spice […]

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The Best Men’s Fragrances Under $30

Best Men’s Fragrances Under $30 Unveiled It’s a little-known fact of the grooming world that not all expensive fragrances are good and not all inexpensive fragrances are bad. This article uncovers the best men’s fragrances under $30.  For a list of the best men’s colognes, click here. When we think of buying a scent, we […]

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