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Patagonia Just Announced a New CEO

Patagonia recently went hunting for the people who should next steer the most influential brand in the outdoor world. Turns out the company didn’t have to look any further than under its own roof: two of its own will run the business.  The company announced today that Ryan Gellert will become CEO of Patagonia Works, […]

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TACTACAM’s all New Spotter LR Spotting Camera

Luke Cuenco   09.24.20 TACTACAM has just released its new Spotter LR shooting camera that comes right out of the box ready to pair with your spotting scope. The lightweight, compact 4K resolution camera boasts unparalleled resolution and rugged field performance no matter what your shooting application is. This camera should prove to be up for the […]

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Photo Of The Day By Donnell Allen – Outdoor Photographer

By Staff Updated September 21, 2020 Photo By Donnell Allen Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Tiptoe Through the Lupines” by Donnell Allen. Location: Crested Butte, Colorado. “This black bear was making his way down the hillside of lupines, seemingly oblivious to all the beautiful wildflowers,” says Allen. See more of Donnell Allen’s photography at […]

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The Myth of Synchronized Breathing

In the game of Mindball, two players compete to push a ball whose motions are dictated by their brain waves, as measured by electrodes on their scalps. The harder you try, the weaker the force you exert on the ball. This (as the author and philosopher Edward Slingerland noted in his 2014 book Trying Not […]

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