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The Best Outdoor Books for Kids—That Don’t Have Boys as Leads

Reaching the chapter-book phase of reading comprehension as a kid is an exciting thing. Suddenly, books aren’t all illustrations and happy endings: they have extended narratives, character development, real stakes, and, yes, devastating plot points that sometimes feel way too traumatizing for elementary or middle schoolers. (We’re looking at you, Where the Red Fern Grows.)  What […]

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Behind The Shot: Bison In Snow – Outdoor Photographer

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming Text & Photography By Albert Wollerton Published April 3, 2020 Photo By Albert Wollerton I first visited Yellowstone National Park in the fall of 1969, four months after returning from Vietnam. I had a Beseler Topcon 35mm SLR film camera, but I wouldn’t have called myself a photographer. A friend and […]

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