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Best Burberry Cologne For Men

Best Burberry Cologne for Men

Thomas Burberry, the man behind Burberry Colognes, started off as a designer of luxury clothes and coats in England and his fashion line has garnered world-class renown and attention in the fashion industry over the past few years. He was very successful in his field and was such an expert in his field that he was acknowledged by the British Royal Family and was given a grant of a Royal Warrant for Clothing. Along with his massive name in the fashion industry for his clothes and accessories, he then began creating perfumes that would match their fashion line exclusively. The first one was launched in 1981 and was successful and the first one to be on the best Burberry Cologne list.

Presently, Burberry Colognes for Men continue to influence many around the globe with its collection of cool, intense, carefully developed and distinctive masculine aromas. Below are some of the most famous creations of the Burberry Company.

Best Burberry Cologne #1

BURBERRY Touch for Men

Burberry Touch is fresh and woody cologne, which adds oomph to your personality. It blends sensuality with elegance and is designed for special events where you want to look your best. Its initial freshness is followed by strong notes, which really enhances its sillage. It’s a scent that is sure to grab the attention of the ladies and has a crisp scent that lasts a long time. Some critical reviews have stated that the smell isn’t strong enough, but it is perfect for people who need a moderately strong cologne.

 Best Burberry Cologne #2

BURBERRY Brit for Men

Brit Cologne by Burberry is for the modern men, who still loves the classics. It is for those who can differentiate between what stands apart and what doesn’t. This aroma reflects a sense of sophistication and good taste. The citrusy freshness from mandarin and bergamot is added with a spicy touch of ginger and cardamom. Cedar, nutmeg and wild rose add masculine notes to this fragrance. It is perfect to wear for a romantic date and is perfect for all seasons. Its longevity and sillage are moderate, but it has been reviewed to be a poor choice for those who love a strong cologne.

 Best Burberry Cologne #3

BURBERRY London for Men

Burberry London is one of the signature perfumes which project the brand’s heritage. It’s a unique blend of ingredients, which creates a symphony and keeps getting better as the hours’ pass. To be more specific, it is an Oriental fragrance that contains bits of spice. The product is loved by humble and classy gentlemen the world over. It is also like a magical spray for instantly boosting one’s confidence. If you are looking for a winter wear perfume from Burberry, this could be a fine option. It has been reviewed well for its longevity and sillage, but it could also be too strong for some people.

 Best Burberry Cologne #4

BURBERRY Brit Rhythm for Him

If possessing the most masculine fragrance has always been your top priority, you would probably be satisfied by this product from Burberry. It has crisp top notes that are balanced with intense middle notes. On its end, it contains subtle woody notes that make it somewhat of a masculine fragrance. If you want a perfume to empower your personality, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex, this would serve that purpose. It is considered to be designed for tough workaholics who make the most of whatever they do. It comes with an adequate sillage and lasts a considerably long time. Perfect for date nights or the first impression!

 Best Burberry Cologne #5

BURBERRY Weekend for Men

Weekend by Burberry is a perfect summer day wear, which can be sprayed as you head to the beach or get dressed for an excursion. It is for the young and the cool – people who are full of life and adventure. This cologne has a citrusy opening that is crisp and is followed by a breezy feel that works like an instant energizer. The citrusy notes are slightly sour and the breezy notes are a little floral, but the notes of melon ultimately balance it out. It has been reviewed to be slightly feminine fragrance, which might not go over too well with someone who likes strong masculine scents.

 Best Burberry Cologne #6

BURBERRY for Men Eau de Toilette

Burberry EDT has been one of the main signature scents of this brand since 1996. The fragrance is harmonious and promotes tranquility as well as passion. It makes you smell fresh and look more elegant. It is for men who are ready for just about any situation they encounter. This scent can be used during Winter and Spring, as well as for any occasion. It has an acceptable longevity and a moderate sillage that should prove acceptable to most people.

Best Burberry Cologne #7

BURBERRY The Beat for Men

Burberry The Beat For Men is for trendsetters and those who have tons of people looking up to them for either their style, their art or both. It is for the modern man who loves a cologne that has citrusy notes to it. This cologne just doesn’t have citrus notes to it, however. It also has a combination of vetiver and pepper which really makes it stand apart from other scents. It is also infused with somewhat of a woody tone for maximum masculine satisfaction. It has an adequate longevity and a moderate sillage that is perfect for wearing during the day.

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