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Green Irish Tweed By Creed: A Cologne that is Adored by Women

Green Irish Tweed By Creed is a cologne that is adored by women maybe because it smells rich. This is a must have fragrance to add to your collection!

Green Irish Tweed is an exquisite scent for men and was created and then presented to the public in 1985 by the prestigious brand Creed. This fragrance is considered by numerous media outlets and consumers around the globe to be as classic as a perfectly tailored tuxedo suit on an Oscar Awards night. I really wanted to verify this information for myself, as there are times where you cannot just trust what people write about a fragrance, as everybody has different tastes. Therefore, sometimes you have to try it out for yourself. Which is why I decided to purchase it three weeks ago to try it out and to provide you with the following Creed Green Irish Tweed review.

Let me start off by saying that this Creed cologne is worn by a handful of Hollywood leading men who have been noted to ask for this scent by its name. It is a film colony legend just like the actors who spray it on their clothes before shooting a movie scene.

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Green Irish Tweed is one of the most artistic colognes from Olivier Creed, as it seems to be composed of pure masculinity and freshness. It is also one of the most successful colognes of this 250-year old luxury brand existence.

This fragrance is classified by Creed as being a fresh and woody scent. Its characteristics are as refreshing as a walk through the countryside of Ireland. This cologne is one of the signature scents of Creed. It is green, fresh, rich, sporty, spicy, unforgettable, and original. It can be worn by any age group of men during any season of the year. It is perfect for men who like to go out and about, men who aren’t afraid of being adventurous, or men who enjoy living their lives to the fullest.

The top notes of this cologne include Florentine Iris and French Verbena. The middle notes contain violet leaves. The base notes contain ambergris and sandalwood from Mysore. As soon as you spray it on your clothes, you’ll have an ego boost (that is just how great it smells). It makes you feel unique and important. This scent will last you about 7 to 8-hours, which makes it an ideal scent that will last you from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. As soon as you walk into your workplace, it is almost a guarantee that you’ll captivate someone with your unforgettable scent.

As you can tell, the Green Irish Tweed by Creed is one of those fragrances that all men should have, as it is a breath-taking scent that is adored by the opposite sex. And what man doesn’t want that? Ever since I started spraying it on my shirts, my lover wants to hug me all of the time. That is one of the reasons why  I totally recommend this fabulous fragrance to every man out in the world.


How to maximize the wonderful smell of Green Irish Tweed

By the time you are in your 30’s, you should have mastered good hygiene. Good hygiene is the key to the success of any cologne.

Below are some tips that will help you to maximize Green Irish Tweed:

Bad Breath

Dealing with bad breath kills your cologne. It may not seem like one has to do with the other, but it does. The first step is to recognize the problem. You may need to see a dentist or a doctor. Or you might need to improve your oral hygiene by:

Oil pulling- The top oil to use is Myrrh



Make sure you dilute the myrrh with almond oil. Myrrh is very strong and powerful. You only need a few drops to ¼ cup of almond oil.


Almond Oil


Swish the oil around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. Do not shallow the oil. The oil pulls toxins from your mouth, so you don’t want to shallow it. Spit it in the trash because the oil can clog your drain. Rinse your mouth with water or salt water. Then brush your teeth. Your breath will be fresh and your mouth will be clean.

Oil pull has a lot of great benefits to keep you healthy and smelling good. This will also whiten your teeth over time. It’s also been said to give you energy. Do this at least 3 times a week.

Also, make sure you brush and scrape your tongue.


Cleaning your body

Shower daily. Wash all body parts with soap. It’s best to use natural soaps. Try Dr. Bronner’s.

This soap comes in many scents. It is very good quality soap. One reason to avoid commercial soaps is because they are made using a lot of chemicals. There are a lot of natural body soaps on the market.


Again, you can use the commercial deodorants, they work well to keep you fresh and dry, but they are made with a lot of chemicals.  Try a natural deodorant that REALLY works.

Underarmed Deodorant

This is an excellent deodorant. Try it and come back and leave a comment on how well you like it. Hopefully, you will move away from any toxic deodorants to something that is pure, natural, and healthy for you. Please be aware that if you decide to switch to a natural deodorant, your body might go through an aluminum detox. This might leave you smelling bad. In the beginning, just wear the deodorant more frequently.


Use the myrrh/almond oil mixture for your skin after you shower. This is a great way to purify and cleanse your skin. Plus the myrrh smells great and really works well with the Green Irish Tweed by Creed.

It is important to ensure that you smell good everywhere and not just your cologne.Good hygiene improves your confidence and self-esteem. Try these products to enhance your overall smell and see the difference.

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