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Daring Men Choose Gucci Guilty

A lot of us will scarcely imagine what it took to bring Gucci Brands where it is. But what we do know is that Gucci always delivered products with incredible quality. When they launched yet another fragrance, Gucci Guilty for men in 2011, Gucci stores were packed with expectant customers. For years, Gucci has made men walk tall and is designed for the man who knows what he wants and goes out to get it. Gucci Guilty perfectly fits a young man who is on the edge of becoming a man at the ripe old age of 21. A young man who dares to grab life by both hands and wring everything he can out of it. However, it is not only for young men. It is also recommended for men up to 50 years of age. You know it is basically about what we want to attract in our lives. If you want to be the best, then you should always strive for the best. Never take yourself lightly. Wear a Gucci Cologne signature and signify to the world that you are here to live life to the top and you are here to blaze new trails. Let the world feel guilty that it has not been able to put you down, Gucci Guilty.

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Gucci Guilty Cologne combines notes of lemon and lavender in such an innovative way that gives its fragrance a seductive feel; with top notch pitches of musk and cedar to complete the daring spirit. This fragrance really continues the spirit of Guccio Gucci, its founder, who founded Gucci as a saddle shop in Florence. From making leather bags in a small shop to becoming a world renowned brand – this is truly its daring spirit.

What accompanies Gucci Guilty is its lasting scent. This fragrance last about 8-hours at its peak, long enough to last an entire work day. What’s always interesting is how wearing a perfume could become part of your personality. Once after a business conference dinner, an assistant mixed up our suit coats which we left with her. My colleagues were standing there in confusion when I arrived at the scene. The assistant went through the coats and said, “I think yours is this one, Mr. Lennon.” I looked at it, checked into its pocket to confirm, it was exactly it. Later on in the evening, as I pondered how my assistant knew my coat, I just recalled that she took it to her nose before she said it was mine. I felt like a true Gucci Guilty man. The fragrance emanated even into the coat and soaks the coat in an unforgettable scent.

Now we’re at the point where we tell you how to use Gucci Guilty to ensure that you get the best results. An anonymous man once said a woman would apply perfume where she would most like to be kissed. Where would a man apply the perfume? Naturally, men often apply cologne to different parts of the body, but the pulse points should always be focused on. These points include the inner wrists, the neck, and the inner elbow. You will enjoy it if you use Gucci Guilty eau de toilette.

Many people feel this latest Cologne by Gucci is one of the best ever. It came slightly a year later than the women’s version of Gucci. But many reviews show that they are distinguishable yet inseparable. It comes in a good package too. Gucci Guilty is readily available in a number of different markets, and many fragrance shops have it.  You can also easily get it online from Macy’s, Amazon and many other places on the Internet.

I hope you have enjoyed this Gucci Guilty preview and you too will be like Guccio Gucci – daring to start something new and make the world a better place. I highly recommend you get Gucci Guilty and be the daring man you are meant to be.

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