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Collection Of The 5 Best Smelling Colognes To Attract Women

The number one reason that most men wear cologne is to attract women. Unfortunately, many of these men do not have the slightest idea which types of colognes are perfect for attracting women. It would be better for them if they knew that there were several different men’s colognes available to them that are really good at attracting members of the opposite sex. Of course, these men will need to choose a cologne that matches their personality and body odor, but it is doable. And you may feel the same way, so here are a few of the best smelling men’s colognes to start with if your goal is to attract women.


Creed Green Irish Tweed By Creed

Green Irish Tweed (GIT) is a scent that is offered by the company Creed. This scent was first created by the company for the actor Cary Grant. GIT offers a spicy and sporty blend that contains notes of Florentine Iris, French Verbena, Violet leaves, ambergris, and Mysoree Sandalwood. Creed is a company that is well known for its unique scents. The House of Creed was founded in 1760 in London. It was not long after that Queen Victoria appointed Creed as the official supplier to the English Court.

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Bond No. 9 Wall Street

Next Up is the Bond No. 9 bottle. Bond No. 9 has only been around since the year 2004 but has already become a favorite of some people.  The nose behind this wonderful wall street scent is David Apel. The featured notes of the scent include ambergris, seaweed, bitter orange resins, vetiver, caraway, lemon, cucumber, pistachio, musk, lavender, and leather. The scent is considered to be an aquatic fragrance that can be used by both men and women. Many feel that it is a scent that may be more suited towards men, although many women are still very attracted to the scent.

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Giorgio Armani Armani Code for Men

Armani Code was created by Giorgio Armani and is one of the best men’s colognes available. It combines a sophisticated scent that is sexy and extremely masculine. This is the perfect choice for an evening out. The smell of Armani Code is a combination of olive flower, Tonka Bean, Gusiac Wood, Bergamot, and lemon.

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Egoiste Platinum by Chanel for Men

Chanel Platinum Egoiste by Chanel is another great men’s cologne for attracting women. This particular men’s cologne offers a refreshing and powerful scent that is perfect for wearing out in the evenings. The scent can be worn during the daytime as well but may be a bit too powerful for the office for some people. The smell combines cedar, sandalwood, amber, Vetiver, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Rosewood, Bergamot, and Corriander.

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Man Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette Spray Men by Versace

Versace Man by Gianni Versace combines labanum, amber, tobacco leaves, saffron, cardamom, black pepper, florals, bergamot, and neroli. This combination provides an extremely elegant and sophisticated scent for men that women find simply irresistible. This is the perfect cologne for wearing out in the evenings when you are looking for that special someone.

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