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Cheap Cologne for Men That Smells Good

When it comes to cheap cologne for men, the good news is that there are some really great scents out there for guys who don’t have a lot to spend. While most men want to smell good either for a woman they love or to attract a member of the opposite sex, many men cannot afford some of the more expensive colognes that are available on the market today. Fortunately, there are some really great smelling colognes out there that are pretty inexpensive. Here is a list of some of the best cheap colognes for men that are currently available.


This cologne has a four out of five star rating on Amazon. The scent offers a mix of sweet florals blended with musk and wood. This manly scent is perfect for evening wear. Halston is made in the United States and has been around since 1976. It’s a classic cologne that smells fresh and clean. For the price, this cologne is a great choice.

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Curve by Liz Claiborne

Curve is a scent created by Liz Claiborne. This is the first scent from the Curve collection for men and offers a scent that is simple and refreshing. It was launched in 1996 and blends pepper, warm winds, and fresh greens with finishing notes of mahogany and water. Curve is a scent that can be worn all day; this scent will last through your day and well into the evening hours.

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Passion by Elizabeth Taylor

Passion by Elizabeth Taylor is wonderful men’s cologne. This scent was first introduced in 1989. This fragrance offers notes of vanilla, jasmine, nutmeg, clove oil, and ginger. It is mainly recommended for wear during the evening hours. This is the perfect scent for a man that needs a cheap cologne that smells good for his evenings out. The price for Passion is extremely reasonable, the scent is extremely pleasant and this fragrance smells much more expensive that its actual price tag would suggest.

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Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

For those looking for a cheap cologne for men that smells great, Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is a great choice. The cologne offers a fresh scent that blend the manly wood scents of patchouli, sandalwood, oak moss, and bergamot, with the fruity scents of orange and lemon. Men that are looking for a manly, yet fresh scent should consider Grey Flannel for a cheap and great smelling cologne.

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Stetson Original Cologne Spray by Stetson

Stetson is the original man’s cologne. While Stetson has been around for many years,  it still remains one of the more modern and sexy scents available for men. This masculine fragrance is mainly recommended for use during the evening hours. Stetson offers a masculine blend that is rich and offers smells of spice that is combined with the rugged woods.

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Inez Hayes - April 7, 2014

how can I make a purchase

Bobby - October 4, 2018

Hi all of these colognes plus almost all on thr market now are reformulated. They do not have the really good performance they once had. There are only a handful of fragrances that are worth it the rest are a waste and not to mention the largre amount of money u have to pay for them. I have all but given up on buying designer colognes and i buy cheaper clones with better results and also fragrance oils. The beastmode colognes of the past are now just shells of their former selves. Count me out for spending my hard earned money on sweet water. I will never understand how fragrance houses charge so much yet they cant manage to make a cologne last or project over a couple of hours Bye


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