How To Pick Cologne By Your Personality

There is no denying the fact that women love a man that smells good. And science has shown that scent can trigger powerful memories in a person. All of which means that cologne is much more than a way to smell nice and can actually be a scrapbook that is carried around your neck with elements reminding you of who you are and what you have been through. When choosing a cologne you shouldn’t consider what you want to smell like, but rather choose a cologne that smells like you. In other words, a cologne that reflects your unique personality.

When purchasing cologne to wear you need to think about the things that you truly enjoy. You should always choose smells that provide you with happy memories and thoughts. While you also want to consider what other people will think of the smell, overall the most important olfactory senses that you are looking to please are your own.

Personality Types

There are several personality types and it is important to consider yours when you are choosing your cologne. Here are some tips for determining what type of personality that you have and the type of cologne that might work best for you.

Pleasure Seeker (Gadabout)

Gadabouts likes campfires and hiking and always seems to enjoy a good bourbon. When dining out you have no real preference, but always seem to want a guy with a pepper mill standing nearby. Someday you may want to drive across the country on a motorcycle, but right now you are just as happy owning a sweet leather jacket.

If this sounds like you consider Ralph Lauren’s Polo Red. This cologne offers a unique blend of scents which include fresh red grapefruit, earthy woods, and spicy saffron.


Your preferred drink is scotch, which is enjoyed at your favorite social club. You enjoy smoking a pipe in your study and you have a jacket that may still smell like your favorite hippie friend that you loaned it too long ago. You enjoy a variety of foods, but Indian food is your favorite.

If this sounds like you, Mont Blanc Legend is a great choice of cologne. This cologne has crisp and heady top notes that are blended with base notes that are more distinguished and dryer.

Beach Bum

If you love the crash of the ocean waves and spend the majority of your summers lazing around the beach, you may just be a beach bum. Surfing, swimming, and lying in the sand are your favorite past times.

If you enjoy the beach you will likely enjoy Dolce and Gabbana. This cologne brings forth the clean smells of the Mediterranean and combines them with notes such as cardamom and rosemary. This cologne provides an outdoorsy and fresh aroma that any beach bum is sure to enjoy.

Clean and Fresh

For those that enjoy drinking gin and tonic while watching baseball and always have the windows in the house open, then a freshly scented cologne is probably perfect for you. Zegna Uomo offers a cologne that is grounded in cedar wood and features a grassy vetiver essential oil for a more refined touch. This cologne is perfect for anyone that is looking for a fresh scent to remind them of the great outdoors.

Family Man

For those men that are thoughtful, considerate, and think that babies smell good, finding a cologne may be a bit difficult as you want something that is as fresh and unique as you are. One great choice is Dries Van Noten. This is a unisex fragrance that combines scents such as vanilla and jasmine with darker scents such as musk and bergamot.

Top Men’s Colognes

While the personality types and the colognes listed above are great choices for many men, there are many other choices available as well. Sometimes it will take a few tries before you will find a cologne that works best for you. Here are a few of the top men’s colognes.

  • Eros by Versace: Eros is a wonderful mix of apple, lemon, mint oil, geranium, ambroxan, and Tonka Bean to provide a fresh and woody scent that is not extremely rich.
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Male: Le Beau Male is a cologne by Jean Paul Gautier that offers a sharp and frosty blend that features a blast of cool mint at the front of it. Once settled, the scent is more consistent with a lavender smell.
  • Gentlemen Only: Gentlemen Only by Givenchy offers a spicy and fresh opening note that ends with a deep, intense woody scent that has a smokey characteristic. While this version is not as good as the original version, it is very close.
  • The Game: Davidoff offers the Game Cologne, which has a somewhat gimmicky bottle design that is in the shape of a stack of poker chips. The cologne itself is made from Juniper Berries as well as several dark woods used as its base.
  • Hugo Boss Red: One of the colognes mentioned above, Hugo Boss Red is worth a second mention. Hugo Boss has been around for 20 years and there was really no need for an update. However, this new scent does seem to offer a contrast of solid and liquid, hot and cold, and is definitely worth considering, especially if you were a fan of the original Hugo Boss.


When it comes to choosing a men’s cologne there are many different options available, so it all comes down to your personal preferences. When trying to find the perfect cologne it is a good idea to ask your girlfriend, significant other, wife, or friend for advice as well. They will be able to tell you whether or not the cologne that you have chosen is working well for your particular personality. Remember, you are wearing cologne to please yourself as well as other people. Women really love a man that smells good, and men know it, which is why cologne sells so well.

It is a good idea to start with samples of cologne while you are trying to choose one that is right for you. Try purchasing a small bottle at first to make sure the particular brand of cologne that you have chosen is truly the one that you want to stick with for a while. Once you find one that you truly enjoy you can then purchase a larger bottle so that you do not run out.

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