The Most Popular Men’s Cologne According To Women

New types of cologne are hitting the market all of the time. Which means that more and more men are becoming confused about what type of cologne they should choose for themselves. Men who think deeply about cologne, often spend their time wondering how a particular scent is going to make them smell over the next few months. However, even if you are a guy who doesn’t think deeply about cologne, you should still take a few moments out of your day to give it some much-needed thought. Especially if you are looking to attract the ladies. After all, scent plays an important role in attracting members of the opposite sex.

There are so many options out there, perhaps too many in your opinion, and you may think that there is no way that you can simply choose the right fragrance to meet your needs. This is where we can help. This article explores the opinions of the most important people when it comes to men’s cologne, women. Yes, women. After all, most men wear cologne to be more attractive to women, so shouldn’t we include them in the conversation? For men who’ve been searching for a great cologne that will really grab the attention of women, you’ll find the top female choices of men’s cologne below. This should help you find the scent you need to make yourself more attractive to women.


The most popular cologne for men is lauded as the greatest fragrance of all time. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani first debuted in 1996 and is still going strong. It harnesses the salty sea air of the Mediterranean and mixes it with the heavy warmth of the hanging sun. Its tremendous popularity kicked off the aquatic fragrance trend in the late 1990s, which is a trend that has remained strong even today. With top notes of spring jasmine, rosemary, and hesperidium, this cologne feels light like a cool breeze off of the rolling waves. Middle notes of persimmon fruits and various marine notes impart a light island sensation. Finally, the Mediterranean aroma gives way to the heart of the fragrance: a crisp and warm cedar mixed with patchouli, white musk, and black rose base notes.

Acqua di Gio is a cologne for men that are comfortable and confident—and aren’t afraid of showing off on the beach as they dig their toes into the sand. Although it has a summery ambiance, it is a fragrance that can be worn year-round. It is not as strong as some of the other men’s colognes on the market, and perhaps is not ideal for a suit-and-tie environment. Instead, Acqua di Gio is more relaxed scent than that. Wear it while enjoying a drink on the porch or while taking a walk on the boardwalk. Let its cool aroma envelope you, the way the brisk ocean waves might touch your skin.


PHILOSOPHY Amen Spray Cologne

Amen is a cologne by Philosophy. According to women, this is a scent that simply draws you in. Some women may even want to get closer to you so they can smell it better. Amen is an alluring, nice scent that really has sex appeal. This is a great choice for men that want a scent that is not overpowering but is actually a little bit subtle.

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The Big Pony Collection # 1 by Ralph Lauren

Big Pony is a scent from Ralph Lauren. Women are drawn to its scent because it smells expensive. It is a rich scent that is full of flavor. As with most things associated with Ralph Lauren, many women feel like this cologne is perfect for the all-American male.

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Giorgio Armani Sport Code

Sport Code by Armani offers a really intense fragrance. This is a sporty scent that reminds many women of muscular men that are heading off to the beach. This is the perfect choice for the spring and summer months as it is fresh and sporty. The cologne by Armani is one of the most popular men’s colognes for a reason.

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Giorgio Armani Code Ultimate

Another favorite for women provided by Armani is Code Ultimate. The scent is simply described as romantic. Women feel that men that wear this cologne really care about how they look and smell.

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rich - September 24, 2014

Old polo works for me

Soumen Mukherjee - September 24, 2014

JPG Le Male is my favorite perfume(also azzaro chrome legend).What about you? Please comment!!!

kashaun fails - October 14, 2016

Gucci envy is my favirote but its discontienued .the only thing close is the one by dolce cabana

Steve - September 11, 2018

Has no one heard of Aramis? I love it! Second choice…British Sterling, yeah, I’m old. But good is good.


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