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Top Cologne For Men Luxury Fragrances

It’s been determined that many women are more attracted to men by their scents than they are by their looks. According to science, scent and attraction are intricately linked to one another. While it is not very noticeable to most people, it is one of the first things that a person will notice about a member of the opposite sex. This is one of the main reasons that the men’s cologne business is so successful. Here are some of the top colognes for men that are available today:

Top Cologne For Men Luxury Fragrances


Acqua Di Parma Essenza Eau de Cologne

This luxurious scent is offered in a six-ounce bottle. The scent is offered by the design house of Acqua di Parma. Acqua di Parma has been around since 1916 and throughout the years the company has perfected their scents for both men and women. Colonia Essenza offers a blend of lavender, citrus, and rosemary. This scent is recommended for wear in most casual situations. Of course, this is a great scent for any type of situation that you find yourself in as it offers a wonderful blend of fresh smells.


GRABAZZI by Gendarme

Grabazzi for Men is offered by Gendarme and is a top cologne for men for many reasons. This is a cologne for the man who is passionate about everything. It offers a deep musky and warm scent that is mixed with spicy carnation and cola berry. The fragrance was created by Topper who says that the scent guarantees that you will get laid when you spray it on. Of course, this is the creator talking, but he does have a point, you may just have to swat the women off of you when you are wearing this great cologne.



Creed Millesime Imperiale

A 2.5 ounce bottle of Creed Millesime Imperiale men’s cologne offers a timeless scent that is recommended for both daytime and casual wear. It is appropriate for wear throughout the year as it offers a tropical scent for warmer weather and has enough heart to get you through the winter season.


Bond No. 9 West Broadway

West Broadway by Bond No. 9 offers a great scent that is full of surprises. The scent offers notes of flowers blended with grass and green lemon. These scents combine with a pure musk for a scent that is simply tantalizing.


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