Versace Dreamer Cologne: For Men Who Want To Stand Out

No one likes to fade into the crowd or be overshadowed by others. No one wants to be that commoner who goes unnoticed or seems to be ignored by everyone. A guy who stands out is the one to whom opportunities are always given. He gets the attention, the never ending compliments and the girl. With Versace Dreamer Cologne, standing out is not a problem. It enhances your confidence, sensuality and most of all gives you a clean fresh scent that’s sure to impress.

Versace Dreamer was launched in 1996 by the house of Gianni Versace. This Versace cologne for men is the best example of a romantic fragrance for men. The combination of different, opposite tones blends together perfectly to form a vibrant yet subtle fragrance. Its leathery, woody finish emphasizes the masculinity of the wearer. A highly established Versace fragrance, Versace Dreamer is often sought after by middle-aged men in their 30s and 40s. Made for sexy modern men, Versace the Dreamer portrays confidence, romance, class, and style. It unveils the innermost passion and sensuality of its wearer making him the center of attention.

Before we get to what you can expect from the house of Gianni Versace, we must first tell you of what your eyes will first behold. In different shades of blue is the box containing the Versace Dreamer. The box has a moonlight-like appearance that emphasizes ‘the dream’ and a romantic environment. Inside the box lies a translucent pale golden glass bottle with a golden cap. Although not too appealing, the scent emanating from within this bottle is of prime concern to us.

Versace the Dreamer is made of both unique and classic ingredients which include juniper, tarragon, linen, tobacco, amber, lily, iris, cedarwood, and patchouli—to name just but a few. Quiet your mind and enjoy this Versace cologne as it gets to work. With its unique blend of ingredients, attracting attention will not be a hassle. The floral notes from wildflowers, roses, lilies, and iris are sure to attract ladies your way. The classic woody fragrance from tobacco, cedar and patchouli infuse the masculine notes into the cologne. The curve ball, in this case, is the gin-like fragrance from the juniper tone. Coupled with the linen scent and the smell of leather, this fragrance seems to emphasize class.

This out of the ordinary combination of fragrances makes this cologne very versatile. Versace the Dreamer can be worn during the day as a casual fragrance. However, hints of floral tones with masculine woody tones also make it alluring and a perfect choice for night time. It is a mild fragrance that complements the wearer’s personality. Who would want to be overshadowed by his cologne? No one would.

Due to its increased popularity and demand, Versace Dreamer Cologne can be purchased in various stores worldwide. Of course with all things going digital, online stores have also stocked this Versace fragrance.

 Pros of Using Versace Dreamer

  • It has a nice, clear and unique smell. The combination of floral scents with the woody masculine tones offer a unique fragrance.
  • The fragrance lasts a long time after application. It may last for as little as 6 hours and as much as 10 hours depending on various factors of the wearer.
  • The wearer gets the best value for his money. Though costly, the Versace cologne will not disappoint you.
  • It has a mild, subtle nature that tempers its effects, making it less overpowering.
  • It is a versatile cologne. Versace dreamer can be worn at all time.

Cons of Using Versace Dreamer

  • The cologne is quite expensive. It’s small for its price.
  • The overall appearance of the packaging is not as appealing as expected. The presentation may appear a bit blunt.

Versace products have long been a favorite for many people. To attain such an authoritative stamp in the fashion industry, Versace fragrances must be pulling all the right notes. With such a reputation, you expect only the best from this brand. Versace Dreamer is the fragrance all men desire to have. Its distinct notes is a unique combination that leads the wearer on an intriguing journey. You are here, you are there, you are all over with your intense passion. Though it is a little bit on the expensive side, this Versace cologne for men is worth every penny in my opinion. Some people even consider it an investment in their love lives.

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Lucas - December 5, 2019

This Black Friday I took the Versace Dreamer Cologne, I was really impressed with it.


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