Top 5 Best Deodorants For Kids

You probably spend a lot of time trying to get your kids away from their televisions and mobile phones, so when they do finally listen to you, you need to be prepared. It’s easy to forget the fact that sometimes they need to wear Deodorants too, just like adults, even if you don’t want them to grow up!

Why Should Kids Use Deodorants?

  • Young kids are naturally active and they should be encouraged to be so. When it comes to school, they love running from class to class and on the playground during recess, so you have to make sure that your child is smelling fresh all day long. Unfortunately, kids are mean and will quickly point out when another kid doesn’t smell so good.
  • Puberty comes quickly and it changes things drastically. Even if it’s still a few years into the future,  it’s still a good idea to get your kids used to the idea of using deodorants every day.
  • Smelling nice when playing amongst their friends and other children will boost your kids’ confidence tremendously. This is very helpful, especially if they have trouble making friends. A confident child is a happy child and we could all use a bit more happiness in our lives!

What Are The Best Deodorants For Kids?

  • Fresh Kidz Boys “Blue” Natural Deodorant

Uniquely made with natural ingredients, this deodorant is perfect and perfectly safe for kids and tweens. Its packaging is aesthetically pleasing, trendy and very appealing to today’s younger generation. It’s also available in purple and pink for girls.

  • Junior Varsity Kids Citrus Sport Natural Deodorant for Boys

This is a gentle and effective deodorant for the kids. It goes on clear to prevent staining and it contains no aluminum, no Propylene Glycol, and no Parabens, which makes it safe for your little ones. It’s designed to keep little active individuals fresh from breakfast till they come home for dinner.

  • Tom’s of Main Wicked Cool! Deodorant for Boys

Wicked Cool! Is a deodorant that’s part of the Made to Matter collection and is one of the first natural deodorants formulated especially for kids. They also sell deodorant for girls with the same awesome packaging, just in a different fragrance.

  • Truly’s deodorant for Kids!

This is a great product for kids with sensitive skin and it’s organic. Only natural products are used to make this GMO-free deodorant but it’s still as effective as other deodorants. Maybe even more. Truly’s also offers a ‘Money Back Guarantee’.

  • Teen Spirit Pink Crush Antiperspirant Deodorant

Teen Spirit brings you this sassy little fragrance that will make your girls even cuter. They know that young women also need to smell nice 24-hours a day and that’s exactly what they deliver. A fun and fresh deodorant option for your kids.

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