10 Best Deodorants For Women

Women are expected to smell great at all times and frankly, it’s exhausting. After buying make-up, perfume and hair products, who has the time to choose a deodorant from all of the ones on the market today? The choice needs to be easier to make and less time-consuming. And the only way to accomplish that task is by educating yourself a little bit on these products and the differences between them.

Why Do We Need To Wear Deodorant?

  • Deodorants don’t only make you smell great, they also kill the pesky bacteria that causes the unwelcome smell in the first place.
  • Your body won’t become immune to deodorants like it can with antiperspirants.
  • Wearing deodorant will give you better self-esteem which will enable you to handle work, social situations and your relationships with fearless confidence.

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Deodorant

  • Is the smell subtle enough for work or will I only be using it in social situations?
  • Will it stain my clothes?
  • How long will it keep me fresh?
  • How long will a unit last me?
  • Is it natural or synthetic?

How Do I Know Whether A Deodorant Is Meant For Women?

There isn’t really a difference between men’s and women’s deodorants. Their ingredients are the same. The only differences might be slight nuances in the scent and how it’s marketed on the packaging. 99% of all deodorants will state whether the product is for women, for men or is unisex one.

What Are The Best Deodorants For Women?

1.Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant

This is probably the most practical deodorant for women on the market. It has all the qualities that you would ask for in a deodorant. It’s long-lasting, it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and is has a light and fresh scent.

2. Dove Go Fresh Cool Essentials Antiperspirant Deodorant

Dove Go Fresh has an amazing new formula which is guaranteed not to leave any white marks on your clothes. Go Fresh will care for your skin with it’s clear built-in moisturisers and leave you dry from one morning till the next.

3. Lady Speed Stick Power Antiperspirant Deodorant

Lady Speed Stick offers the same long lasting protection of it’s male counterpart, except it has a tantalizing scent which includes hints of lime and coconut. It sounds good enough to eat!

4. Weleda Citrus Spray Deodorant

This deodorant spray is made from biodynamic lemon peel oil. It has purifying properties, but it’s also just plain invigorating. It’s a zesty, long-lasting choice when it comes to deodorants.

5. Mitchum Antiperspirant Deodorant for Women

With this secret weapon in your purse you will have always have self-confidence an arm-reach away. It dries quickly, won’t stain your clothes and is always there when you need it. Especially before those stressful boardroom meetings.

6. Secret Outlast Completely Clean Women’s Antiperspirant Deodorant

This solid deodorant has been called the real deal, repeatedly. It’s clear, it’s fresh and like it’s name says, it outlasts most other deodorants. This deodorant will do it’s job during the hardest gym sessions and forĀ a long time afterward.

7. Dry Idea Clinical StainClear Antiperspirant Deodorant

Don’t let it’s powdery scent put you off. It’s a great deodorant that you can wear with any color clothes, even that long sleeved black dress. This solid deodorant is exactly what it claims to be: high performance.

8. Degree Women Clinical Protection

What makes this product stand out above the rest is not it’s scent or ingredients, but when you apply it. You apply this deodorant before you go to sleep and it keeps you smelling fresh for the whole following next day.

9. Suave Antiperspirant Deodorant Fresh

It has a powder fresh smell and ingredients that will fight nasty smells every day and all day long. What women love most about it is how quickly it dries after being applied.

10. Secret Clinical Strength Women’s Deodorant

This antiperspirant has a light aroma, without the chemical smell that stronger products normally have and it works great with a body’s natural scent.

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