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10 Best Clippers For Fades: Picks For Barbers and Novices 2023 | FashionBeans

If you’re looking for a clipper cut that’s cooler than the Fonz in a fridge, opting for a slick fade is the way to go.

Fades come in an ever-expanding range of styles which means you can chop and change your style with a subtle tweak or two. But as epic as fade haircuts are, getting them just right at home (and avoiding looking like you’ve had a wrestling match with a pair of garden shears) requires the proper kit. Cue the best clippers for fade cuts.

Yes, the best fade clippers make it swift and simple (with a little practice) to achieve the perfect do for you. They’re robust, have decent battery power, and are designed to create detailed contours across every part of the head.

But how do you know which ones to trust? How do you know which ones will leave you with a quality haircut? Well, this essential guide to the best clippers for fade cuts available today will tell you.

Ready to rock? Let’s take a look.

Key Takeaways 

The best clippers for fade haircuts all have certain qualities that make them safe, long-lasting, and easy to use. Your final choice will depend on your personal preferences and needs (whether that’s a powerful pair of shears for thick hair or something compact for travel, etc.) as well as your personal clipping abilities. Keep an eye out for customer reviews, design, and overall quality, and you’ll have your dream fade clippers in hand before you know it.

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Wahl Clipper Color Pro

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: N/A | Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: No

This is the top pick of my fade-shaping bunch. Not only is this set of Wahls powered by a high-power motor, but with 10 clipper guards, including two tapering aids, these are real winners. The most striking thing about this set of fade clippers is the fact that each guard is color coded and follows a set key. Not only does this make achieving a top-quality fade that little bit more methodical, but the well-thought color coding can also prove helpful in guiding you through the hair-clipping process if you’re neurodivergent.

Fagaci professional hair clippers

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: 5 Hrs | Open/Closed Lever: Open | Cordless: Yes

With six guard lengths that are perfect for tapering, a slick digital screen, and a compact design, this little pocket rocket is the perfect hair-chopping travel companion. This handheld beauty sports an easy grip design and with five solid hours of battery life, so you can keep your fade crisp and clean wherever you are in the world. Not only is this fit neatly into a travel bag with ease and take up minimal space, but its reliable motor is perfect for maintaining a barbergrade cut while you’re on the road.

Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: N/A | Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: No

Yes, another Wahl clipper has made the list (they’re just so good). Not only do these corded beauties sport a sexy bumble bee-like color scheme, these classic barber-grade fade clippers are built to go that extra fade-styling mile. With ergonomic grips, a powerful motor, and specialized taper clipper guards (as well as a colossal choice of clipper lengths), these bad boys will help you achieve the tightest of bald or skin fades from the comfort of your own home.

Wahl Clipper Deluxe Chrome Pro

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: N/A | Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: No

I promise this will be the last time I mention a Wahl product in this list. Again, I couldn’t not include these mighty fine fade clippers because of their sheer quality and originality. These eye-melting corded chrome wonders also rock a classic barber-grade clipper design, sharing many of the excellent mane molding qualities of the Wahl Fade Cuts. But the reason these are our best clippers for skin fade is down to the fact these particular shears offer a wider range of precise clipper guards, including tapering aids and scissors. Everything you need to succeed right down to the skin.

BESTBOMG cordless clipper

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: 4 Hrs | Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: Yes

The edgy skull-clad logo strewn across these fade cordless clippers alone is enough to catch anyone’s eye. But looks aside, for the reasonable price point, these easy-to-grip fade clippers boast amazing customer ratings and are incredibly reliable. The motor is robust yet quiet and the blades are self-sharpening, making them a convenient option for busy guys looking for clippers that require minimal maintenance. For your money, you get a punchy motor, a quality blade, taper guards, and the option of going corded or cordless.

Remington HC4250

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: 40 Mins | Open/Closed Lever: Open | Cordless: Yes

This palm-held trooper is designed to glide over every contour of your head with ease and with nine clipper guards to choose from, this is the way to go if you want to achieve that super sleek bald fade look. The blade’s curved design is 57% wider than most other clippers and is so intuitive that it’s easy for home hair stylists (like you) to create professional lines that make that bald fade look pop. The easiest way to create sharp as nails home fade haircuts with minimal effort.

FADEKING Pro Hair Clippers

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: 5 Hrs | Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: Yes

Whether you’re looking for that classic fade or drop fade look, these cordless clippers from FADEKING are pretty epic, to say the least. With a bobbled handle for better grip and a lightweight design, these are excellent for frequent use whether you’re at home or away. The clippers have six different-sized guards as well as an adjustment main blade that allows for either a slightly shadowed fade or a close-to-the-bone skin fade. Oh, and as these sweet fade clippers come as part of a set that includes a pro-style comb, cool carry case, and even a barber apron, this is the perfect gift for fade-loving fellas (or you can treat yourself).

Fagaci Professional Clippers

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: 5 Hrs| Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: Yes

If you like a short or cropped fade and keeping very defined lines at all times, the Fagaci might be the one for you. These punchy little cordless numbers are fitted with reliable motors designed to prevent burnout, making them perfect for frequent use without suffering from wear and tear. They come with a selection of 10 very precise guards and will help you ensure your fade stays popping at all times. They also come with a neat digital screen and five smooth hours of battery life. Oh, and the charging stand will look stunning sitting on your bathroom counter. Bonus.

Ufree Hair Clippers for Men

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: 2 Hrs| Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: Yes

With self-sharpening blades, a slick LCD screen, and a mighty 6500 rotary motor, this hand-held beast of a clipper is built to last. In addition to offering six different clipper lengths, the metal-bodied Ufree also comes with T-shaped blades to create a seamless blend between your beard and sideburns. Oh, and in addition to coming with a home hair-cutting apron, this handy kit even includes a separate beard-trimming and shaping clipper. A piece of kit that will help you create a seamless fade from your crown to your neck.

Hatteker Professional Barber Clippers IPX7

Hair Types: All | Battery Life: 3 Hrs| Open/Closed Lever: Closed | Cordless: Yes

While most decent fade clippers are at the very least, moisture resistant, this edgy-looking set from Hatteker is fully-waterproof, making it an excellent option for guys who like to groom in the shower. In addition to a solid three-hour battery running time, these hair-clipping beauties also have a slick fade rod that allows you to adjust the blade angle for the most seamless fade possible. An easy-to-use pair of clippers that you won’t have to worry about dropping down the toilet.

Receiving a haircut with a remington clipperremingtonmenuk / instagram

What To Look For In The Best Clippers For Fade Cuts


First of all, material matters. Typically, most men’s clipper blades are made from a form of metal. But some of the cheaper options out there are made with lower quality metallic materials that rust and are prone to tugging at the hair, causing major irritation (ouch).

That said, when looking at the best hair clippers for your head, looking for options with graphite, stainless steel, or quality aluminum blades is the way to go. The best clippers for fade haircuts also have a carbon or body (the part you hold) instead of being crafted with low-grade plastic.


Another key thing to look for in a pair of fade clippers is the design. If you’re going to use your beloved head shears regularly and achieve that super slick fade look, being able to move around the contours of your cranium with ease is essential.

Look for features including palm-held handles, finger grips, and compact, lightweight designs, and you can’t go wrong.


When you’re shortlisting potential head shears, another thing to mull over is power. Do you want a powerful set of clippers that plug into the wall, or do you want something portable with a battery pack?

If you do go for a portable option, make sure the battery life of your fade clippers is at least 30 minutes. Oh, and always look at customer reviews before pressing that ‘buy’ button.


When you’re talking about running a miniature power tool over your head, thinking about blades is pretty important.

Check if the blade is made from good quality graphite or metallics and is simple enough to sharpen if need be. Also, check how many clipper lengths each product comes with: if you’re going for a fade, the more choices, the better. Happy clipping.

Do it yourself grooming with Wahl color prowahlgrooming / instagram

Final Verdict

Overall, the Wahl Color Pro is my top pick. Why? Well, because they’re crafted by a brand known for excellence in men’s hair care.

These nifty little numbers offer a lot of the barbershop-grade quality you’d expect from the best clippers for skin fade or traditional fade hairstyles for a fraction of the price. Plus, the 100% unique color-coded guards and guided cutting key is perfect if you need a little visual prompt or two when cutting in your fade (also helpful for neurodivergent users).

While the Wahl Color Pro did come out on top, every product in this list is worth checking out. By considering your personal needs or preferences, one of these clipper sets should be just what you need to suit your fade clipping needs.


When it comes to getting that seamless fade, using clippers you can handle with comfort and ease will get you the best results.


Think about your hair clipping abilities as well as the size of your hands, and choose a trimming companion with the dimensions you feel will be most comfortable.

For that iconic fade haircut, the most popular clipper guard length to work with is a grade #3. But, as a general rule of thumb, your longest clipper should be two grades higher than your lowest to get that authentic tapered look.


For example, you can play around with the guard lengths—working down between three guard lengths (#4 to #2, #2 to the skin, etc.) will ensure you get the job done.

Unless you’re going for a particularly complex fade (if you are, you should probably go to the barber shop), you can use clippers for both your hairline and fade.


To get a seamless line between the top of your head and the sides, it’s always worth going over everything with a comb and scissors, just to catch any stray strands that the clippers may have missed.

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