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10 Tips On How To Smell Good – Men’s Habit Guide for 2023 | FashionBeans

From stinky armpits to funky-smelling feet and a grim groin, body odor is a major turn-off. But thankfully, whatever the cause, finding out how to smell good is a lot easier than you may think.

Sweat makes us smell, and guys produce more sweat per gland than women. Another reason men sweat more is that we tend to be physically larger. Bigger bodies generate more heat and take longer to cool down. Also, as we age, our bodies become less tolerant of heat.

When our body gets hot, its natural cooling mechanism kicks in, and this makes us sweat. “Sweating helps release heat, which helps maintain optimal body temperature,” says Pamela Webert, an exercise physiologist at Henry Ford Health. “If we didn’t sweat, our bodies would literally cook from the inside out.”

So, it’s not all bad. Sweating is perfectly natural and pretty essential for our health, preventing our bodies from overheating. The resulting stench, though? Now that’s a whole other story. But don’t worry, if you like to get up close and personal, there are plenty of steps you can take to keep yourself smelling sweet all day.

Better yet, as well as natural ways to smell sexy, there are lots of useful products you can buy. These range from men’s grooming kits to deodorants and colognes, and all go a long way to helping you ace the sniff test.

For me, there’s no better compliment than being told I smell amazing, which is why I’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting to grips with male hygiene.

Here’s my take on how to smell good all the time!

Key Takeaways

There’s lots of info online to help us guys find out how to smell good. And as we all know, making the right impression for the first time is non-negotiable in most workplace and social situations.

After trawling through countless studies and research, I discovered our bodies are naturally prone to sweat, bacteria, and odor. So, if you want to ban the BO and learn how to smell good, a regular hygiene regime is a must-do. Get hot and steamy in the shower using soaps, washes, and gels. Better still, trim excess hair, eat healthily, and be mindful when selecting your scent products. Simple, right? 

Top Products to Keep Smelling Good

ballwash / Instagram

Dr Squatch Soap

There’s no secret recipe when it comes to how to smell good. But it begins with never skipping your daily shower or bath. Lather up with men’s soap, shower gel, and body wash products that contain natural oils and moisturizing properties.

Ditch the idea that lotion is only for the ladies and get slathering post-shower. Well-moisturized skin holds fragrance better and for longer. Reach for products that are either unscented or have only a hint of fragrance that won’t clash with your go-to cologne.

Jack Black Pit Boss

No matter how good your favorite fragrance is, no cologne can overcome the unpleasant waft of body odor. Before venturing out into the world, use a fresh-smelling product that doesn’t fight for air space with your cologne. I get asked a lot to explain the difference between the two different products.

Deodorant helps to protect against body odor, while antiperspirant contains aluminum particles, which actively work to block pores preventing sweat and resulting body odor. Both are suitable for everyday use, but the latter is more effective, especially if you opt for my go-to, Jack Black Pit Boss. Its nourishing formula is enriched with vitamin E to keep pits perfectly smooth.

Dude Wipes

Whether you’re a clean-shaven gent or a bearded bro, there’s no excuse not to always smell good. To do this, you need a basic kit for on-the-go touch-ups. I’m not talking about fancy trimmers or high-tech toothbrushes here. All it takes is gum, mints or breath freshener, mouthwash, deodorant, foot spray, and cologne.

If I have space, I also have a clean shirt and socks tucked away somewhere handy. Finally, since we’re all bros here, I’m going to recommend you invest in some butt wipes. Coined as a “breath mint for your butt” these wipes are a great way to clean up your most private area.

bottle of Arm & Hammer sensitive skin laundry detergent

From Island Breeze to Coconut Bliss, there are some exotic fragrance options that infuse your clothes with an enduring scent, sometimes for up to 14 days. But my advice is don’t opt for a laundry detergent with a long-lasting fragrance.

The best men’s colognes have a high concentration of scent. To showcase your cologne, it’s way better for your skin and clothes to be an unscented blank canvas. After all, you don’t want multiple conflicting fragrances to go head-to-head in the ‘how to smell good’ battle.

One A Day Multivitamins

Your diet has a big influence on body odor. While asparagus is well known to tinge the smell of your pee, according to the Cleveland Clinic, other vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, onion, garlic, and cabbage can give your sweat a sulphur-like smell.

Worse still, indulging in junk foods is bad news for your scent appeal. The body struggles to digest processed foods meaning it tends to sit around in our body for a long time, and toxins may seep out via your skin’s pores – yikes. My advice is if you want to cozy up, rethink some of your food choices and boost your overall nutrition by incorporating a daily men’s multivitamin.

Huron Shampoo

All it takes is a few hours in a smoky environment to make hair smell bad. Washing your hair daily using a mild, hydrating shampoo like Huron shampoo will help you keep ahead of the game. Not only does it have a menthol, citrus, juniper, and aromatic green scent, but it also contains hydrating argan oil.

On the flip side, if, like me, you have oily hair and can only wash your tresses every couple of days, freshen up between washes with a high-quality dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a relatively new product in guy world. It adds texture and body to limp hair while absorbing unwanted grease, leaving behind a fresh scent. Check out my holy grail pick Living Proof Dry Shampoo. It’s a cult favorite that sells out fast. Stock up while you can for those days when you just don’t have time for the full grooming regimen.

Ballsy Give-A-Sack Ballwash

Wash your balls and groin daily, potentially more if you’ve worked out or are having a sweaty day. Your crown jewels are a breeding ground for bacteria and germs which, if left unchecked, can lead to a nasty odor and, eventually, infection. If you want great-smelling balls, then check out a specialist hygiene product like Ballwash. One of its key ingredients is charcoal powder, which absorbs odor, bacteria and toxins. After washing, make sure you dry your junk thoroughly. No- one wants jock itch, chafing, a yeast infection or great balls of fire!

Manscape Hair Trimmer

Shaving excess underarm and pubic hair helps to reduce body odor. Both areas are breeding grounds for bacteria. So, keep hair as short as possible, trimming every 2-3 weeks with either a scissor or trimmer such as the Manscape Body Hair Trimmer. Excess hair traps moistness and odor, which means the skin underneath becomes warm and damp, and the result is sweat. Bacteria on the skin then break the sweat down, and it’s this that prevents you from smelling good! Saying that, don’t get razor-happy and make yourself baby smooth either. A small amount of body hair is perfectly healthy and essential for absorbing skin moisture.

clashoky Travel Set cologne

During the day, your body emits heat, and you may notice you’re smelling a little funky. It’s a good idea to have a small version of your favorite everyday men’s cologne handy to spray on your wrist, neck, or elbow crease. These pulse points, which get warm throughout the day, help the fragrance to interact with the body’s chemistry to create a pleasing aroma. My top tip is to search for combos that come with a travel spray, like this one.

Prada Luna Rossa

Whenever I strip and make up my bed, I treat my mattress to a few spritzes of fresh-smelling cologne. If possible, I try to use fragrances that are down to the last dregs. Once the new bedding is on, you’ll notice a faint scent in the air and a lingering scent on your PJs or if you sleep in the buff, your body. If you are entertaining and hoping to impress, though, splash out on a few sprays of Prada Luna Rossa. It’s one of my favorite men’s EDTs because it smells like freshly laundered linen. FYI. Spraying the sheets or pillows is a no-no for me, as it can irritate the eyes.

man taking a shower outdoorsusehuron / Instagram

Why You Should Trust Us

I have tried and tested a cornucopia of men’s colognes for FashionBeans during my search to discover how to smell good and sifted through dozens of reviews. The top tip I often find missing is that when you apply cologne or perfume to clean skin, it lasts longer.

The reason is simple, a layer of oil or dirt can interfere with the fragrance. But dodging deodorant and swerving a decent shampoo can also affect a guy’s scent appeal. It doesn’t end there either, so here, I will share some of my hygiene habits that will ensure you smell mighty fine from dawn ’til dusk. 

Final Verdict

Have you ever wondered how the guy next to you smells so darn good? Luckily, you aren’t chasing the holy grail when it comes to the quest of how to smell good. Personal hygiene begins from the moment you wake up to the time you call it a night. The golden key to smelling good is to know your body and follow my 10 top tips for how to smell good.


Whether you’re a lumberjack or a lawyer, dirt, sweat, and bacteria can result in body odor. The best way to smell naturally good is to take a daily bath or shower. Instead of using regular soap which raises the skin’s pH level and creates a breeding ground for bacteria, choose a shower gel suitable for sensitive skin or consider buying a soap-free body wash. Finally, dry yourself thoroughly. Bacteria and fungi can grow on moist skin, interact with sweat, and produce unwanted body odor.

The secret to how to smell good starts from the top! To ensure your follicles are fresh and your crowning glory shines, some experts, depending on your hair type, advise washing your hair three or more times a week, “Those who have thin or fine hair, exercise, and sweat during the day—or those who live in a very humid place—should be shampooing their hair daily,” says Dr Lucy Chen, a board-certified dermatologist. Dr Chen goes on to say that “those with thicker hair, and those with a dryer scalp, can go a few days without washing their hair. Moreover, use hair-specific fragrance products that contain essential oils as these won’t dry out your strands like regular perfume.”

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