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Around a decade ago, when beards became ‘A Thing’ again, the most stubborn of style critics shrugged off men’s facial hair as a fleeting fad.

We’re pleased to say they were wrong – the beard is here to stay. And, while the big lumbersexual facial hair trend has trimmed down a little, the beard remains a staple look for style-savvy men everywhere. Beards didn’t go away, they became normal (just a little shorter than their ZZ-Top-like forefathers).

If you’re thinking of growing a facial mane or you have one that looks like a bird’s nest – our peek at the world’s best beard oils will point you in the right direction.

Beard oil is the unsung hero of the beard grooming game and if you’re serious about your facial fuzz – it should be a staple item in your toiletry bag or vanity cabinet.

A magic facial fuzz elixir, whatever beard style you wear, beard oil will ensure it’s soft, neat, and just shiny enough. The right oil will make your beard style pop while helping to protect your mane – what’s not to like?

What is beard oil?

Before we start looking at the best beard oils you can buy,  let’s make a few things clear.  Starting with the question, what is beard oil?

Usually blended from the likes of argan, grapeseed, tea tree, and jojoba oils which include plenty of hair-friendly nutrients – beard oil is designed to condition and moisturize both your beard hair and skin (bonus). Beard oil is often scented – giving off earthy masculine notes such as cedarwood or sweet citrusy tones, depending on your preference. Don’t worry if your nose can’t handle the smell you can still find high-quality unscented oils. 

What does beard oil do?

Before you choose a beard oil for your manly mane, you should know exactly what it does, right? Cool, we’re going to tell you now.

First and foremost, it’s about conditioning and moisturizing. “Beards have cuticles that open like pores,” says Pall Mall Barbers general manager Dan Davis. “Oil penetrates the hair to condition from the inside out.” 

Beard oil will also stop your skin from flaking preventing a severe case of the dreaded beard-druff as well as softening coarse hairs and preventing itching. 

Whatever your beard length or style, you’ll want to tame unruly hairs: the best beard oils do that too.

The Best Beard Oils 

Whether you’re looking for a full Jake Gyllenhall man mane, sharp as nails-style Drake facial fuzz or a shaggy-cum-stylee Tom Hardy arrangement, the best beard oils of the pack will help you achieve your look (and keep you free from beard-druff).

Are you ready to level up your beard game? Without further ado, here is our rundown of the best beard oils for men:


Chemical nasties that aren’t kind to the face have no business in a beard, either. Keep things all-natural with Bulldog’s robust beard oil option: a simple concoction of aloe vera, green tea and camelina, as well as other essential oils. No fuss, and no ‘tache rash’ either.

Price range: $6 – $10.

Best for: Newbie beard owners

Bulldog Beard Oil for Men


Make like Jay-Z and rock some Tom Ford. The American designer’s runway skills translate well to his namesake grooming range, with a blend of almond, grapeseed and vitamin E guaranteed to get any beard on the A-list.

Price range: $30 – $50

Best for: Protecting hair follicles and preventing beard-druff. Oh, and the more frugal gentleman.

Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille Conditioning Beard Oil


The seven-year itch has nothing on a beard with a fortnight’s growth. Luckily, cool Californian brand Scruffy Jack’s has devised a zesty potion to soothe the scratch. The mixture of organic argan oil, marula, and bergamot grapefruit is designed to quench Saharan stubble of the driest kind, while simultaneously providing an oasis to the skin underneath.

Price range: $15 to $20

Best for: Beard-donning men with itchy or irritable skin. And, beard wearers that like a fruity fragrance.

Scruffy Jack's Beard Oil


Never judge a hipster coffee table book by its cover – a saying that applies to beard oils, too. Apothecary bottles and top hat motifs aside, Grave Before Shave beard oil is handmade in smaller batches with bourbon and sandal to ensure an edgy organic quality. Microbrewed super sour, tripled hazed trendy craft IPA not included.

Price range: $13 to $16

Best for: Promoting natural hair growth, even if you’re not a hipster.

Grave Before Shave Beard Oil


With over 166 years in the business, Kiehl’s is well-versed in the art of grooming – an experience that bodes well for your beard. Expect strong, manly, woody scents and an all-new formula to smooth even the coarsest of crumb catchers. Old really is gold.

Price range: $25 – $35

Best for: Anyone in search of striking, earthy, head-turning beard aromas.

Kiehl's Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil


Not to be confused with the joker of Tenacious D fame (no, this beard oil is not a ‘tribute’), Jack Black’s beard oil is no less of a big hit. The American brand uses patented ‘PureScience technology’: a combination of organic products and anti-inflammatories to prevent any chin snowflakes.

Price range: $22 – $30

Best for: Consistent beard skin maintenance.

Jack Black Beard Oil


While ingredients in some oils sound like pure marketing spiel, others do have a practical purpose. Take Pall Mall Barbers’, for example, the notes of sandalwood are a proven fixative – an element that enhances the longevity of other scents – to keep your beard smelling box-fresh.

Price range: $30 – $40

Best for: Keeping a neat, smooth, and shiny beard style.

Pall Mall Barbers Beard Oil


Opt for Anthony’s pre-shave beard oil for some extra ammo in your grooming arsenal. This double-edged sword cuts a dual purpose: one as a facial hair hydrator, the other as a regular pre-shave stubble softener, should you wish to shave or trim your beard.

Price range: $30 – $40.

Best for: Masculine floral aromas and all-around skin hydration.

Anthony Conditioning Beard Oil


A healthy beard should be more Captain Hook than Hagrid – something that makes the seafaring Bluebeards Revenge Beard Oil quite the Jolly Roger. Boasting a treasure trove of masculine-smelling oils, the Devonshire brand’s range is specially designed to tame unruly, unabashed beards, brushed with a beard brush. Land ahoy indeed.

Price range: $12 – $20

Best for: Outdoorsmen and proud beard owners scouring the Seven Seas for a balanced, natural scent.

The Bluebeards Revenge Ultimate Beard Oil


Italians do it better, and that includes grooming products. Milanese brand Acqua di Parma’s serum is enriched with sweet almond oil and grapeseed, two ingredients that’ll coax a dry beard into da Vinci territory. Bellissimo.

Price range: $30 – $40

Best for: Inflamed or sensitive skin and slightly dry, unruly beard hair.

Acqua Di Parma Beard Wash


Cram packed with follicle strengthening ingredients such as sweet almonds, avocado and sunflower oils, this is regularly at the top of the list for best beard growth. Not only will Billy Jealousy’s striking blend of botanicals make your friends green with envy, but it will also help to make your beard smoother, stronger, and a little bit fuller.

Price range: $30 – $40

Best for: Beard hair strengthening and (did we mention?), growth.

Billy Jealousy Moisturizing Strengthening & Softening Beard Oil


Despite that fact its name suggests that this beard oil will make you smell like you’ve indulged in a heavy night on the tiles, it’s actually fragrance-free. This quick-absorbing blend is effective for taming skin irritations as well as hard to tame beard hair – it’s also a solid option for shorter, more stubbly man manes.

Price range: $18 – $25

Best for: Shorter beards and anyone looking for a solid non-greasy fragrance-free option.

Captain Fawcett's Ricki Hall's Beard Oil


Crafted with a complementary blend of argan oil and olive oil, Hawkins & Brimble facial fuzz-taming concoction helps to repair damaged hair follicles while its creamy shea butter finish will give your mane a soft, shimmering shine. Oh, and its zingy yet indulgent scent is sure to turn heads when you’re out and about.

Price range: $15 – 20

Best for: Repairing and conditioning dry, medium-sized beards.

Hawkins & Brimble Mens Oil


Another high-quality unscented beard oil, Blank Slate (aptly named) is made using a unique mix of grape seed, jojoba, castor oil, apricot kernel, and grape seed. Blank Slate is an excellent choice for whipping longer beards without the unwanted, greasy after effects. Minimal, effective, and brilliant value for money.

Price range: $15 – 20

Best for: Bigger, longer beards and unscented oil enthusiasts looking for the best bang for their buck.

Blank Slate Be


For a softer, more lavish beard, you can trust Honest Amish. Handcrafted in small batches, this aromatic beard oil boasts a blend of eight mane regenerating organic oils including organic virgin argan and golden jojoba. If you’re looking for a beard that is as epic as a show pony’s mane, this is the oil for you.

Price range: $12 – 15

Best for: Coarse medium-sized beards in need of a little TLC.

Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil


Despite being packed with a cacophony of beard-boosting ingredients, this tasty little number from The Rugged Bros is completely unscented. This perfectly balanced elixir is also free from nasty artificial chemicals and fortified with vitamin E to improve skin health. Oh, and if your beard is as flat as pancake, this oil will give your man mane a much-needed boost.

Price range: $19 – $25

Best for: Fine or flat beards that could do with a new lease of life.

The Rugged Bros Beard Oil



We’re wrapping up our best beard oils buying guide with a spicy little number. This hot beard oil is super refreshing because of its oozing cedarwood, natural spices, and Mediterranean-like citrus notes. The idea here is to heat the oil (not too much, though), wear it on your beard for around 20 minutes, then wash it off. Even the bristliest of beards will feel smooth, soft, and bursting with life.

Price range: $15 – $22

Best for: Beard-lovers looking for an authentic barbershop treatment at home.

Proraso Hot Oil Beard Treatment

How to use beard oil

Beard oil works best right after washing your face or showering., when the hairs are softer and your pores have opened from the heat. This allows the oil to better penetrate your follicles and pores – and all the better if you’ve just shampooed and conditioned.

Application instructions will vary depending on beard oil brand, but here’s a best practice guide to help you get the most from your shiny new beard care product:

Step 1: dry your beard

Pat your beard dry and add just a few drops of oil into your hands. Massage the oil into the cheeks and sideburn areas, then rub it into your mustache, chin, and neck in a downward motion.

Step 2: apply the right amount of beard oil

Use less beard oil than you think you need (it’s all too easy to make it as greasy as a car garage floor) and make sure it reaches your skin. Add an extra drop or two and repeat the process if you feel it’s necessary.

Step 3: distribute the oil with your hands or fingertips

To ensure complete beard excellence, take both of your hands and run them up through your beard, starting at your chin to spread the oil evenly. Use your fingertips to shape your mustache if it is long at the ends.

Top tip: Whatever type of beard you have, it’s best to start using an oil once it’s long enough to become unruly. Look for oils that aren’t too greasy – so your hands don’t feel oily all day – which can be a problem with cheaper oils. 

Fortunately, the beard oils featured in our list are reputable, made with quality ingredients, and are far from being too slimy.

Best beard oils: Our Final thoughts…

There’s no doubt about it: if you want to transform your face from average to amazing while keeping your skin fresh, beard oil is your best friend.

For the best results (and return on investment), you should choose your oil depending on your skin and beard type, as well as your beardy aspirations. You may find there are a couple of oils that you like and that’s okay – variety is the spice of life, after all.

We hope our best beard oils guide helps you in your quest for facial excellence and if you’re thinking about tweaking your existing style, you might want to find out the best beard style for your face shape.

Burning beard oil FAQs

How often should I use beard oil?

You should use beard oil at least once a day as part of your morning routine for the best results.

If you have slightly more sensitive skin or suffer from beard-druff, a second application, preferably in the evening, will work well as it will soak into the pores overnight.

When should I use beard oil?

The very best time to use beard oil is just after you’ve washed your face or showered. The reason for this (apart from it being convenient) is because these are the times when your skin, as well as beard hair, is softest and your pores are most open.

Softer, cleaner hair and open pores mean the beard oil will absorb more effectively, offering the best possible results. Apply your beard oil after your bath or shower and your beard will look brilliant.

How much beard oil should I use?

As a general rule of thumb, you should always use less beard oil than you need to avoid a greasy finish.

One to two drops of beard oil per application will usually work wonders and if you do feel like your man mane needs a little more conditioning, you can always add an extra drop at a time. Just make sure you smooth it over your entire beard between extra applications for a smooth, even finish.

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