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If you made it here, you decided to seek the best beard styles for bald men. Whether you’re embracing your natural balding or are trying to make a fashion statement, you’ve come to the right place. 

Beards styles for bald men go back for as long as men have been losing their hair and growing beards (hint: it’s been a while). Since those early days, men have been honing their bald head styles to perfection by adding beards. While beard trends never stop innovating, the classics always stay in style.

We tapped the well of facial-hair fashion statements and whittled them down to the 20 best overall beard styles for bald men. Relax, read the article, then hit your local barber (unless you have a steady hand) and prepare to impress with your freshly boosted sexy factor.  

1. Slightly Shaggy Beard

One of the most uncomplicated styles to maintain, slightly shaggy beards have always been a staple in the beard community. The hardest part is getting to the initial length it takes to qualify as a shaggy beard. 

You can let slightly shaggy beards grow as long as you want, but make sure you never trim them enough to be sharp. You want it mildly disheveled to give off the desired uncaring vibe, but not enough to look dirty and depressing.

@thebigbeardedcub / Instagram

2. Full Beard With Bald Head

A full beard with a bald head is probably the most common beard style for men. You might not want to go all the way with long beard styles, but you can get the same fullness by growing it a bit longer than short beard status.

There will always be certain beards styles that compliment your face shape more than others, but full beards are a rare exception that pairs well with most guys. 

Full Beard With Bald Head@secret.life.of.travelling / Instagram

3. Long Beard Styles For Bald Men

Long beards have always been around due to their timeless, respectable look. If you have Viking blood, belong to a motorcycle club, or only love that long beard look, long beard styles might be for you. They’re perfect for more round faces since they add length and are guaranteed to boost your masculinity. 

The juxtaposition between a fully bald head and a long beard style also creates an attractive tapered shape especially if you have a more spherical skull. 

Long Beard Styles For Bald Men@borismsinst / Instagram

4. Short Beard Styles For Bald Men

We spoke fondly about long beards, but you can find a lot to love about short beards too. These are perfect for men with more oblong faces as it compliments your natural contours without extending them. Maybe you want some lazy-man fuzz to give you an effortlessly sexy flair or a classicly grown-in short beard to look more mature and stately. 

Not only are there tons of looks to experiment with, but it also doesn’t take long before you can play around with new short beard styles. It won’t take long to grow one, so maybe give some short beard styles a shot.

Short Beard Styles For Bald Men@baldbeardedguys / Instagram

5. Thick Beard For Bald Men

Thicker beards mean a more mature look. For most, it takes years of shaving to grow a thick beard. It’s worth the wait because they look sick long or short.

Thick beards often come with age (unless you’re one of those guys who had a full beard by high school). If you still struggle with a patchy beard, try upping your beard grooming game or opt for a sexy stubble.

Thick Beard For Bald Men@mrejsanti / Instagram

6. Chin Curtain For Bald Men

Chin curtains are another versatile beard style for bald men. They work best on diamond face shapes and strong jawlines since they bring out the naturally strong angles of the wearer. To truly fulfill this look, it’s important to create a full connection along your jawline from ear to ear. Chin curtains can run as short as you want. 

However, don’t go pencil thin because you can ruin the hidden-chin effect. At least an inch and a half thick is the best width for a chin curtain. You can go full Abe Lincoln and grow it out as long as you want, but it isn’t necessary. 

Chin Curtain For Bald Men@lai_dixon503 / Instagram

7. Two-Day Stubble Beard

One (incredibly important) study concluded that women find heavy stubble the sexiest style of facial hair a man can have. It was made public in the 2013 issue of Evolution and Human Behavior. The study compared the opinion of women on clean shaves, light stubble, heavy stubble, and a full beard. Heavy stubble was declared sexiest, while light stubble was least attractive. 

Two days should be enough for most men to grow some heavy stubble, but avoid a five-o-clock shadow at all costs. To easily maintain the two-day stubble beard, you can buy electric trimmers with attachments that leave your stubble the perfect length. 

Two-Day Stubble Beard@michalxzitek / Instagram

8. Stubble Goatee

Even though stubble goatees are the little brother of classic and full goatees, they can accomplish the same effect. While they don’t look as mature as their siblings, they can make quite the fashion statement. A stubble goatee tells people that no matter how short your facial hair is, you’re still willing to take the time to refine your style.

If you want a look that benefits from the sexiness of heavy stubble but stays controlled, you should consider stubble goatees.

Stubble Goatee@nkatris / Instagram

9. Classic Goatee

It can be easy to confuse full goatees and classic goatees, but there is one key difference between the two; the classic goatee does not have a mustache while the full goatee provides the look most think of when they think of goatees. A classic goatee can also benefit from a soul patch since it adds to the fullness effect. 

Diamond and rectangular faces will benefit from the absence of a soul patch as it brings the attention away from the mouth and toward your excellent chin (lucky you).

Classic Goatee@the_shadow_cutter / Instagram

10. Full Goatee

Fans of the hit show Breaking Bad are very familiar with this look. A full goatee with a bald head is what Bryan Cranston sports throughout the hit series. Thanks to his critically lauded portrayal of fictional kingpin Walter White, people saw how masculine full goatees become on a bald man.

Cranston proved that full goatees make even a science teacher in his 50s look slick as all hell. Just make sure you keep the soul patch and shave off any chin strap. The mustache can be connected or disconnected, whatever your personal preference.

Full Goatee@breakingbad / Instagram

11. Chinstrap Goatee For Bald Guys 

A chinstrap goatee is what it sounds like: a chinstrap attached to a goatee. A versatile beard style for bald men that works on most face shapes and ages. Begin with a full beard, then shave your cheeks and everything below your jaw while keeping the strap along your jaw. And there you have it.

Like most chin straps, you want it to be at least an inch to an inch and a half thick. Keep your mustache connected or disconnect it. Regardless, you’ll have some excellent facial hair. 

Chinstrap Goatee For Bald Guys@felixjose_colon / Instagram

12. Pointed Beard

The 2007 film 300 brought pointed beards to the pop culture masses and Male fashion as a whole. Many people considered pointed beards to be the peak of masculine facial hair. They also work great on bald heads. Round faces will also benefit from the sharpened, face-lengthening (think, thinner) effect. 

Pointed Beard@szymon_slowik / Instagram

13. Full And Rounded Beard

Full and rounded beards are a great style for men with round skulls or weak jawlines. Rounded craniums will benefit from a beautiful symmetry that draws stares whether you’re at the bar or the office. For guys with weak jawlines, this beard will help to hide that fact. 

For an effectively rounded beard, the mustache and beard must stay disconnected. It takes some meticulous styling to get the shape you want, but we think it’s well worth it. An added boost of confidence for any bald man, full and rounded beards might be the way to go.

Bald man with round beard @mr.ygloo / Instagram

14. Circle Beard With Shaved Head

Circle beards are so synonymous with goatees that most guys don’t know the difference. A circle beard is a type of goatee, but not all goatees are circle beards. In a circle beard, the chin and mustache must stay connected. It looks handsome and distinguished when worn by most bald men. 

To get a circle beard, follow the same steps as other goatees. Just make sure chin straps stay out of sight and keep that stache connected.

Circle Beard With Shaved Head@jay_jovan / Instagram

15. Manicured Stubble Beard

Like the stubble goatee, manicured stubble beards are another perfect way to show you care about your appearance while keeping your facial hair length to a bare minimum. Trim up the edges of your stubble beard to make it sharp, the outline more refined, and enjoy having a sexy manicured stubble beard. 

While not the same laid-back look as two-day stubble beards, it still carries that classic sex appeal. Also, manicured stubble is more acceptable at the workplace, creating a more polished look.  

Manicured Stubble Beard@nikiconlazeta / Instagram

16. Hipster Beard With Mustache

Hipsters have been the butt of many jokes over the years, but it’s hard to deny they brought with them some excellent trends in fashion. One persistent look has been the hipster beard with a mustache. 

If you’re considering a hipster beard with a mustache, then you might want to refine the look with a pointed or curled handlebar mustache. You’ll look like a gunslinger from the wild west while impressing onlookers with your new swagger. 

Hipster Beard With Mustache@dom_henriques / Instagram

17. Scruff Beard Styles for Bald Men 

Some people might look down on the idea of scruff, but with proper execution, it’s anything but ugly. Catch it past the two-day stubble mark, but not before it’s a short or full beard. If you want a sweet scruff, you’ll have to wait a week minimum. 

Remember to make sure not to let it get too puffy. If a scruff gets too long, it starts to look uncared for in a way that is decidedly unattractive (unless you’re the type of guy who pulls off any style). 

Scruff@thekylestevens / Instagram

18. Mustache

Nope, not a beard, but mustaches are a vastly important force in the world of facial hair. There are plenty of mustache styles to try out, but in recent years, long, curled, and pointed handlebar mustaches have all enjoyed popularity. Avoid a shorter, overly thick mustache unless you want a 1980s era Tom Selleck look (unless that’s what you’re going for). 

Mustache@mrcarter89 / Instagram

19. Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are full sideburns that flow down to the jaw. They rest somewhere between chin curtains and the imperial mustache. Mutton chops can accompany a stubbly chin, but the stubble must be short enough to not look like part of the beard. Popular in the Victorian era, mutton chops fell into obscurity until the 1970s, when they made a comeback. 

This style might not be as popular as decades past, but it remains a distinct look. Perfect for creating a more powerful jawline and showcasing the chin, mutton chops are great for rectangular or diamond faces. Think Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. 

Mutton Chops@the_vintagearian / Instagram

20. Balbo Beard Style

Recently worn to classy effect by Robert Downey Jr. in his role as Iron Man, this beard screams style. Know that you either need a good barber or a precision trimmer and steady hand because this beard can be tough to keep up. 

Start with a full beard and shave your sideburns completely. To pull off the Tony Stark look, trim the jaw strap to be thicker below the chin and taper to a sharp point at the end of your jaw. Keep your chin slightly longer, rock the soul patch, and disconnect the mustache to complete this look.

Balbo Beard Style@ajotaelege22 / Instagram

Beards Styles for Bald Men FAQ:

What are the best beard styles for bald men?

Personal tastes vary, but the pound-for-pound best beard for bald men of all facial structures and lifestyles might be the classic full beard. Full beards should never be long enough to become unruly and are easy to maintain. Guys who hate extra grooming shouldn’t be scared off. They’re the perfect all-rounder beards for bald men everywhere.

Is it sexy to grow a beard if you’re bald?

Growing a beard is absolutely the best (and easiest) way for any bald man to get sexier. Some beard varieties are more suited for different face shapes than others, but beards will always compliment a bare head generously.

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