25 Best Justin Bieber Haircuts & Hairstyles – Modern Men’s Guide

The man, the myth, the legend. Justin Bieber may only be 23 but he’s done it all. Number one records, punched fans, punched other artists, even pissed in mop buckets with people filming… and this is just what the media reports. He’s definitely seen some wild times.

Justin Bieber’s style has always been unique having been clean cut as a 16 year old to today when shaving and bathing seems to be non essential. One thing is for sure, Justin’s hair is always something to talk about. He’s done blonde, shaved, long, short, quiffed, brushed forward and plenty more.

That said, Justin is one of those guys who you’re always keeping an eye on in the men’s grooming stakes. You have to respect his individuality.

We go hunting for his best 25 hairstyles to get you inspired for your next trip to the barber.

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