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5 Best Hair Color Shampoos for Men to Cover Grays in 2024 | FashionBeans

Ah, hair products. We know ‘em, we love ‘em. From clays to waxes to gels to color shampoos. Wait, what was that last one? Let me elaborate.

Also known as color depositing shampoo, hair color shampoo is a type of shampoo that contains pigment and/or other ingredients that absorb into the hair to change its color. Its ease of use is pretty alluring. Compared to a salon dye job, which takes hours, hair dye shampoo is far less time-consuming, clocking in at 15 minutes tops.

The best hair color shampoos for men can be game-changers.

Sure, you might not be able to hand paint gorgeous highlights like a hair stylist, but the best men’s hair color shampoos can cover up grays and brighten fading tones to restore luster and shine.

And because they deposit color via a shampoo, you also gain some immediate hair care benefits like moisturization, nourishment, and strength.

That being said, let’s go over the 5 best hair color shampoos for men below.

Key Takeaways 

For this review, I began by examining hundreds of photos, customer reviews, and even my own bathroom cabinet until I was able to whittle the list down to the top 5 you see here.

Overall, the best hair color shampoo for men is Celeb Luxury Colorwash Color Depositing Shampoo because it works quickly, provides lustrous, long-lasting color, and uses a plant-based formulation.

Watercolor Intense Color Depositing Shampoo comes in 15 different colors and works on all hair types, including noncolor-treated hair.

punkyhaircolour / Instagram

Best hair color shampoos for men: Celeb Luxury Colorwash Color Depositing Shampoo

Why it’s great: In 2–5 minutes, this shampoo adds long-lasting color to washed-out, lifeless locks. It’s perfect for reviving faded color, neutralizing brassy tones, and intensifying your existing color. I like that you can choose from a variety of natural colors but also bright, playful colors, should you feel like having fun.

This plant-based formulation doesn’t just add color, it also uses nourishing ingredients like palm, coconut, and plant-based sugar to moisturize, smooth, soften, and hydrate the hair. It’s one of the best hair color shampoos for men.

Who is this for? If your hair color is fading with age or between salon trips, then this hair-depositing shampoo is the perfect pick-me-up.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although they have lots of beautiful red/auburn and blonde options, I wish there were more brunette colors to choose from.

Hair Type: All | Colors: 11 | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Helps with gray hair: Yes | Can be used for beard? Yes

Punky Colour Depositing 3-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner

Why it’s great: Like the best hair color shampoo for men, Punky Colour offers an array of tones for brightening up fading color. Color deepens with each wash, so by the 6th wash, your color should be at its most enhanced.

Leaving it on for up to 15 minutes versus the recommended 2–5 minutes has a similar effect. Not only does it refresh color, even on grays, but it uses ingredients you want in your shampoo, like shea butter, provitamin B, keratin amino acids, and hydrolyzed quinoa to strengthen, protect, and add shine.

Who is this for? This is one of the best hair color shampoos fro men. It’s a great, easy choice for brightening traditional hair colors, but they also make some beautiful jewel-toned hues if you’re so inclined.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Because it can stain your skin, be sure to apply using the provided gloves.

Hair Type: All | Colors: 14 | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Helps with gray hair: Yes | Can be used for beard? Yes

Pure Blends Hydrating Color Deposit Shampoo

Why it’s great: This semi-permanent hair dye uses a fade-and-color correction system to protect your colored hair investment. There are only 9 colors to choose from, but each is a glossy, beautiful color from coca to violet.

It comes with a squeeze topper, which is great if you want to focus on your color application to particularly faded or brassy sections. While coloring, it uses high-quality keratin and collagen to repair damage and add strength while hydrating the hair.

Who is this for? If you’re looking to add luster and shine to your already color-treated hair that has faded, specifically certain highlights, then this is a great choice. It’s one of the best hair color shampoos for men.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Unfortunately, it works on only previously colored hair.

Hair Type: All | Colors: 9 | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Helps with gray hair: Yes | Can be used for beard? Yes

Watercolors Intense Color Depositing Shampoo

Why it’s great: Unlike Pure Blends, Watercolors colors natural as well as treated hair. This is great if your hair is graying or fading naturally with age.

This 3-in-1 depositing shampoo colors, cleanses, and conditions hair in one easy step to keep your hair color intense, vibrant, and alive—which is how you want it. It is safe for chemically treated, curly, and normal hair types. It’s one of the best hair color shampoos for men.

Who is this for? I like that you’ll see results whether your hair has been colored or not. And because it’s vegan and free from harsh chemicals, it’s great for those with sensitive skin.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: They don’t list any particular hair moisturizing ingredients, but many reviewers noted how soft and smooth their hair felt afterward.

Hair Type: All | Colors: 15 | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Helps with gray hair: Yes | Can be used for beard? Yes

Herbishh Hair Color Shampoo

Why it’s great: Coming in a nice big bottle, this hair color shampoo adds lustrous, long-lasting color to your hair without any harsh chemicals. One bottle is going to last around 10 applications.

It’s one of the best hair color shampoos for men. It’s perfect for replenishing hair that has lost its color in a quick 10–15 minutes. It uses a special combo of active botanicals like argan oil, olive, and ginseng extract to lock in moisture, strengthen the hair, and restore original color.

Who is this for? Because of the color options available, I would say it’s best for dark brown and red hair colors.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Make sure you use gloves when applying because it can stain the skin. If you tend to be a bit messy, a hot tip is to add some petroleum jelly to your ears to keep them safe as well.

Hair Type: All | Colors: 9 | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Helps with gray hair: Yes | Can be used for beard? Yes

holding a bottle of pure blends cocoa color depositing shampoopureblendshaircare / Instagram

Buying Considerations for The Best Hair Color Shampoos For Men


In addition to color-depositing ingredients, the best hair color shampoos for men should have hair-healthy ingredients that cleanse and moisturize the hair. It is a shampoo, after all.

When looking for your best option, descriptive words like ‘strengthening’ and ‘hydrating’ indicate that it’s restoring your hair like a good shampoo and conditioner should. The best of the best use ingredients like argan oil, keratin, collagen, and even plant-based sugars to moisturize and soften the hair.


When choosing the best hair color shampoos for men, color is the most important factor. Each brand offers a range of color options, and finding your ideal match is crucial. If you want to play around with a totally new color, then that’s up to you.

But if you want to find a color closest to yours, it is important to examine what they have to offer. Pick a shade that’s closest to your original.

Hair Type

All of the best hair color shampoos for men are safe for curly, straight, and color-treated hair. But some of them simply will not work on natural, virgin hair that has never been treated. This is something to look out for if you’ve never had your hair color-treated before.

If your hair is highly porous, you might have better luck, but your best bet is to look for options on this list that treat natural hair.

a bottle of wet brick color shampoo by water colorszach.wc / Instagram

How We Chose

Quite a few hair color shampoos claim to brighten tones, restore faded color, and nourish the hair. However, not every product achieves the results you want. So, whenever possible, I chose shampoos that were extremely effective and highly rated by reputable brands that boast transparency.

And, of course, I sifted through every customer review until I landed on the top 5 you see here.

Company reputation: How is a company viewed in the marketplace? Have they been around forever, treating their customers well, or have they just popped up? I take every company’s reputation into consideration and do a deep dive before I make any recommendations.

Customer Reviews: What customers have to say is extremely valuable when conducting my research. Does the product perform as it should? Does hair feel conditioned and is the color lustrous after applying? And most critically–do customers repurchase the product over and over again?

Safety and transparency: What is in each product? Do they test on animals? And what about parabens and other toxic ingredients? Each hair color shampoo on this list clearly lists each ingredient and is transparent about its ethical practices, looking out for the health of the planet and you.

Why Trust Us?

Rachel Cascella, a seasoned writer at FashionBeans, has a wealth of experience and expertise in grooming, particularly when it comes to hair care products for men. Her comprehensive reviews and recommendations are backed by meticulous research and a deep understanding of the nuances of male grooming.

For instance, her analysis of shampoos for men not only covers various hair types like thick, curly, and colored hair but also addresses specific concerns such as hydration, scalp health, and the impact of environmental factors on hair.

Her articles on topics from leave-in conditioners to pomades demonstrate her ability to evaluate and suggest products that cater to different hair needs, ensuring that readers make informed decisions. By prioritizing quality, effectiveness, and user satisfaction, Rachel has established herself as a trustworthy source in the male grooming domain.

Final Verdict 

The best hair color shampoo for men should provide rich, long-lasting color while also hydrating the hair. It should be quick to apply and come in a variety of attractive colors so you can find your ideal. My top pick is Celeb Luxury Colorwash Color Depositing Shampoo because it’s plant-based, applies in under 5 minutes, and beautifully revives faded color.


Any of the hair color shampoos on this list are going to give you great results. Just make sure the product will work with your hair type and give you the results you’re looking for.

Yes, color-depositing shampoos work, especially if you use them consistently over time. Just be sure to follow the directions well.

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