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6 Best Tattoo Removal Clinics In Sydney 2022

So, you’ve gone and got yourself a tattoo that you thought you loved. But, some time has now passed and now you want to get your tattoo removed. This could be because you just don’t like the design anymore, you want to free up some space to get some fresh ink, or your workplace doesn’t like the idea of your tattoos being on show.

Fortunately, tattoo removal technology – such as laser tattoo removal – has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, so saying bye-bye to some tattoo ink you once loved is a perfectly possible process.

In this tattoo removal Sydney story…

How does tattoo removal work?

The most common method of tattoo removal used today uses laser technology. The laser tattoo removal process is actually pretty simple, as New Look Laser College says, “During a laser tattoo removal procedure, the practitioner guides a laser over the area of the tattoo. Unlike a laser pointer that produces a continuous beam of light, tattoo removal lasers produce pulses of light energy.”

These pulses of laser light energy are absorbed by the tattoo ink embedded in your skin, causing it to heat up and dissipate. Your body’s natural immune system then takes care of the rest of the tattoo removal process, as it will slowly but surely flush away the tiny particles of ink.

The size and colour of your tattoo will dictate how many tattoo removal sessions you’re going to need. Small tattoos using black ink will need fewer sessions than a large tattoo in various colours, for example. This is because different coloured ink requires a different wavelength and colour of laser light to be targeted at it, for the removal process to be effective.

Also, coloured tattoo ink needs to be injected deeper into the skin for it to last. So, more tattoo removal sessions will be needed to penetrate the multiple layers of ink.

How much does it cost for tattoo removal?

The cost of your tattoo removal will depend on the size and colour of your tattoo and where you get it done. But, as a rough guide, prices for tattoo removal start at around $90 per session and will increase in price depending on size and detail. In most cases, your tattoo removal consultant will examine your tattoo and give you a customised quote.

Best tattoo removal in Sydney

So, now that you understand laser tattoo removal is the only safe method you should use when getting rid of some old ink, where can you get your tattoo removed in Sydney? We’ve rounded up some of the best tattoo removal services to save you searching “tattoo removal near me.” All of these studios are experts at tattoo removal, with several case studies to show off their work.

Think Again Laser Clinic

35/31-41 Kiora Rd, Miranda, 2228
2/188-190 Victoria Rd, Rozelle, 2039
250-254 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill, 2154
Level 2, Dee Why Grand Commerical Tower 4230, 834 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why, 2099
563 High Street, Penrith, 2750

Claiming to be Australia’s number 1 rated tattoo removal clinic, Think Again has tattoo removal studios in Miranda, Castle hill, Penrith, Dee Why and Rozelle, offering plenty of choices for Sydneysiders who want to get a tattoo removed.

Think Again Laser Clinic only offers tattoo removal services, meaning they are dedicated to the craft. This also means they have chosen to invest in some of the best laser tattoo removal technology, which in this case is a system made by Quanta Systems. Think Again says this is “the only laser tattoo removal technology in the world to provide a true three wavelength system.”

In real-world terms, this means no matter the size, style or colour of tattoo you have, Think Again will be able to remove it. Appointments are necessary to ensure you get to speak to a consultant to understand the process and to be given a price estimate. Prices start at $90 for a single treatment, but if you need multiple sessions, Think Again offers discounts.

Eden Laser Clinics

Westfield Liverpool, Shop 279, Macquarie Street, Liverpool, 2170


Eden Laser Clinics uses Candela PicoWay laser tattoo removal devices, which are claimed to offer incredible results in fewer treatments. It’s also claimed to not only carry out the standard process of breaking up the tattoo ink, but also breaks up the resulting particles, meaning your body has an easier time of getting rid of the leftover ink. Put simply, your tattoo can be effectively removed in a relatively short frame of time.

All staff at Eden Laser Clinics have been trained by Candela, the company that produces the technology they use, so rest assured they know what they’re doing. Pricing in select Sydney locations (Liverpool, Sans Souci, Hurstville) currently starts at $60 for a single session. But, with tattoo removal clinics all over Sydney, you’re not going to have a tough time finding somewhere to get rid of your ink.

Extinkt Tattoo Removal

Suite G.06/1 VUE Building, Centennial Drive, Campbelltown, 2560


If you live in south west Sydney and want to get a tattoo removed, then you need to check out Extinkt Tattoo Removal. Serving Campbelltown and the whole Macarthur region since 2016, Extinkt are experts in their field and have the testimonies of several clients to back up their claims.

If you’re unsure of how effective the tattoo removal process will be, Extinkt offers a free test patch service, so you can zap away a small part of your tattoo and see how well it heals. After your first full laser tattoo removal session, Exinkt will give you a care pack and tattoo dressing before following up with another sessions 8-12 weeks later.

Prices for tattoo removal start at $80 fora. single session, with session discounts offered when paying for multiple sessions in one go.

Contour Clinics

Rear of 89 Greath North Road, Five Dock, 2046

With clinics in Five Dock, Newtown and Miranda, you’re not going to be far from a Clinic Contours tattoo removal studio. Wanting to trump its competitors, Contour Clinics uses Revlite q-switch laser tattoo removal technology, which is claimed to have four different wavelengths, making it one of the best tattoo removal options for any colour of tattoo on any type of skin.

Consultations with tattoo removal therapists and test patches are available free of charge (along with nitrous oxide gas to help ease the pain). Prices start at $49 per session, making Contour Clinics one of the most affordable tattoo removal clinics in Sydney. Discounts are available for session packages.

With an incredibly long list of 5-star reviews, Contour Clinics is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo removal clinics in Sydney.

Disappear Ink

40-42 Montgomery Street, Suit 9, Kogorah, 2217


The appropriately-named Disappear Ink is another of Sydney’s leading tattoo removal clinics. The privately-owned clinic uses the Quanta Pico+ laser tattoo removal system to guarantee incredible results and to leave you with a fresh patch of skin to either get tattooed again, or to just leave bare.

Prices for tattoo removal at Disappear Ink start at $100 per session and discounts are available for bulk packages. Your initial consultation is free and can be carried out either in person or via online video chat. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail with a picture of the tattoo or tattoos you want to be removed, and Disappear Ink will get back to you with a quote. The price quoted is the price you’ll pay, with no hidden fees.

Next Level Clinic

Watson House, Level 5, 300 George St, 2000


Located in the heart of Sydney CBD, Next Level tattoo removal clinic offers not only tattoo removal with great results, but an incredibly relaxed atmosphere to help ease any stress or worries you might have. Customised treatment plans are created for all clients, which will be dictated by the size and colour of the tattoo you want removed.

Prices for tattoo removal at Next Level start at $100 per session, but right now (at the time of publishing) you can purchase 6 sessions for the price of 4.

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