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8 Of The Best Hair Removal Cream For Men To Simplify Your Grooming Routine (Updated 2022) | FashionBeans

While some guys like to rock the Sasquatch look, others like to feel slick and smooth. If you’re reading this thinking, “yes, I like to feel slick and smooth,” hair removal might be on your to-do list.

Whatever your reason for smartening up your back, chest, or private parts, hair removal cream will get the job done. No gardening shears or cheap waxing pads required.

The best hair removal cream for men will help you shed unwanted man fluff with ease, without suffering any eye-watering pain. All you need to do is rub a little on the desired area, and like magic, you’ll look like a marble statue.

But while good men’s hair removal cream is a safe, powerful, and cost-effective way of not looking like a yeti, how do you know which products to trust? Well, we’re going to tell you.

Read on to discover the best hair removal cream for men money can buy—plus tips on picking the perfect fur-taming product for you.

To get the most from any men’s hair removal cream, it pays to know how to manscape like a pro. So to help you achieve grooming glory, check out our ultimate men’s hair removal guide before browsing our shortlist.

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A hard-hitting yet delicate duo for all skin types, ‘The Bare Pair’ from BallsBALM is our best all-rounder. This luscious hair removal system is suitable for every area south of the neck (including your fun parts), and it will leave you feeling as fresh as a summer daisy. It even comes with an exfoliation glove for a smooth, even finish. Removing hair has never been so fun.

Skin type: All | Size: 4oz | Works for: All body parts south of the neck

What we likeThe dual-acting power of this hair removal cream setThe handy exfoliation glove that’s includedWhat we don’t likeThe price point might be a little eye-watering for fellas on a budget

As the name suggests, Nads is an excellent cream for removing your pubic hair. If you have a particularly hairy groin or trouser mane, this gentle and soothing yet powerful concoction will meet your most delicate manscaping needs without pain or irritation. Apply a generous dollop, wait for four minutes, rinse, and voila—your downstairs area will look dapper.

Skin type: All | Size: 5.1oz | Works for: Whole Body

Nad’s For Men Intimate Hair Removal Cream

What we likeThe powerful yet kind ingredientsThe fast-acting, pube-busting formulaWhat we don’t likeReally hairy dudes might need a cream that comes in a bigger portion size

If you have dry or sensitive skin, this cream will feel like a fresh summer breeze. A balanced formula with hydrating ingredients, No Crew hair removal cream works in every nook and cranny imaginable. Plus, it’s very good at removing coarse, stubborn hair. The perfect combination of rough and smooth. 

Skin type: All (good for dry, sensitive skin) | Size: 3.4oz | Works for: Whole Body

No Hair Crew

What we likeThe cream’s superior skin hydrating capabilitiesThe fast-acting yet gentle formula (plus the fact that you can use it on your balls)What we don’t likeSome guys might need something a little more heavy-duty

Contained in an easy-to-use pump action bottle, this spritely men’s hair removal cream from Nair is brilliant for your body. Designed to remove stubborn hair on the back, chest, arms, and legs, Nair will leave you looking like a seal in a matter of minutes. The perfect choice for gents wanting to show off their washboard abs.

Skin type: All | Size: 13oz | Works for: Arms, Legs, & Torso

Nair Hair Remover for Men

What we likeThe handy pump action bottleThe long-lasting resultsWhat we don’t likeThis cream isn’t suitable for your delicate areas

Okay, this may be a unisex face hair removal cream, but it’s the best one around. With a lavish sweet almond scent, this hydrating elixir will get rid of any unwanted facial fluff in a jiff. This swift and effective facial cream is perfect if you want neat beard lines without the constant need for trimmers or razors. Oh, and it feels good on your skin, too.

Skin type: Sensitive | Size: 2oz | Works for: Face

Nair hair remover moisturizing face cream

What we likeThe moreish sweet almond scentThe fact that it’s quick and easy to useWhat we don’t likeSome fellas might prefer an all-in-one hair removal cream

Good permanent hair removal creams aren’t easy to find, but epify has hit the mane-removing nail on the head. A unisex cream with masculine vibes, epify is as powerful as Thor’s hammer. With regular use, your body hair will eventually cease to exist. Oh, and as this hair-busting bad boy contains herbal extracts, it’s perfect if you have sensitive skin.

Skin type: Sensitive | Size: 8.45oz | Works for: Torso, Arms, & Legs

epify by bubbly Hair Removal Cream

What we likeThe hard-hitting yet delicate mix of ingredientsThe permanent hair-reducing formulaWhat we don’t likeSome guys may prefer something a little more delicate

If you’re looking for something that cools the skin while getting rid of rainforest-like patches of hair, NULL is the one for you. Infused with aloe vera, this Japanese-made hair removal cream for men will leave you looking slick and smooth in minutes (even if you look like a grizzly bear). NULL is suitable for every area below the neck and is especially good for legs. Oh, it comes with a brush, too.

Skin type: All | Size: 8.81oz | Works for: Legs, Arms, Back, & Chest

NULL Hair Removal Cream for Men

What we likeThe cream’s reliable hair-removing propertiesThe neat application brushWhat we don’t likeSome gents have reported a strange smell when using the product

If you have a sensitive groin or armpits, Veet’s vitamin E and aloe vera-infused cream is the one for you. This popular hair removal cream for sensitive skin is decidedly delicate but removes even the hardest, most stubbly of hairs. Plus, Veet’s sensitive formula also offers seven days of smoothness at a time. Plenty of bang for your buck. Did we mention if you do want to regrow your hair, it will come back smoother?

Skin type: Sensitive | Size: 13.5oz | Works for: Legs, Arms, Back & Chest

Veet for Sensitive Skin

What we likeThe fact that it’s kind to your sensitive areasThe seven-day skin smoothing effectWhat we don’t likeGuys with minimal hair removal needs might want something that comes in a smaller package

What To Look For When Searching For The Best Hair Removal Cream For Men

You know all about the best fur-busting men’s hair removal creams money can buy. Now, here are a few top tips to help you pick the perfect products for your personal manscaping needs.


Every men’s hair removal cream contains an active ingredient to get the job done. Some creams are more organic than others, which means you should choose your product wisely.

If you’re a really hairy fella, creams containing barium sulfide and strontium sulfide are a little more heavy-duty. But if you have sensitive skin, these ingredients can cause burning and irritation.

Potassium Thioglycolate is another active ingredient found in many hair removal creams that’s effective yet kinder to the skin. Always check the ingredients before choosing a men’s hair removal cream to ensure it suits your needs, and you can’t go wrong. A burning sensation down below is the last thing you need.

Ease of application

Another thing to consider when choosing a hair removal cream for men is how easy it is to use. Most creams are easy to apply: you rub them into the skin, wait a while, and the hair drops off. But some creams are thicker than others, which means a little more elbow grease is required.

Some men’s hair removal creams are also more instant than others, making them more convenient for busy manscapers. Before making your final choice, think about how often you might need to use your hair removal cream and how convenient it is to apply.

If you’re a busy bloke and you only need to remove a patch here or there, a lighter, more instant hair removal cream is probably best.


Naturally, the result you want is becoming as smooth as a peach. Any good men’s hair removal cream should help you get rid of unwanted man fluff, so when we say ‘results,’ we mean ‘how long it lasts.’

Some creams prevent hair regrowth for longer than others, so if you’re one heck of a hair human, going for something that lasts for weeks is advisable. On the other hand, if you’re focusing on one small spot of hair, buying a cream that stunts regrowth for a few days will do the trick.


While most hair removal creams for men have an almost indefinite shelf life, they become less effective after 12 months.

That said, when you’re choosing your perfect manscaping cream, size does matter. Think about your hair removal needs and how often you’re likely to use your new product to choose a size that’s just right.


Make sure you choose a cream that’s suitable for your skin as well as the application area. Test your cream on a small area of your skin 24 hours before application to check for any allergies. Take a shower or bath before using your cream and check for any cuts or patches of dry skin (avoid these areas). Apply your hair removal cream exactly as advised on the packing, ensuring an even spread over the desired areas. Wash the cream away with a damp cloth or sponge after waiting for the appropriate amount of time.

Absolutely, men’s hair removal cream is very popular as it can remove man fur from the legs, arms, neck, back, chest or groin in a matter of minutes.

One of the reasons so many guys use hair removal cream is that it’s easy to use at home and doesn’t require painful waxing strips or menacing trimming blades.

Yes, as long as you choose the right cream for your skin type and hair removal needs (don’t get a chest hair remover for your balls, for instance), hair removal cream is totally safe.

For complete safety, always follow the directions on the product packaging and test your cream on a small area of skin before using it properly.

There are hair removal creams out there that market themselves as permanent. But it’s worth noting that although ‘permanent’ creams can get rid of unwanted patches of hair for good, some strands will always grow back here and there.

Regular hair removal creams are effective and typically stunt regrowth for between three days and three weeks.

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