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9 Best Body Washes For Men: The Key To Keeping Clean And Looking Mean

Body wash ain’t what it used to be; gone are the days of a bargain bucket 4-in-1 gel that was your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and best friend wrapped into one. Now, it’s an essential step in your expanding daily routine and a key step in the journey towards total cleanliness and crystal clear skin.

While many body washes advertise themselves as unisex — and many will, without a doubt, cater tothe basic needs of you and your partner, friends, or family from all across the gender spectrum — there are definitely some that are better designed for use by men, either through their masculine branding or through their science-based composiiton.

Here, we run you through our top picks for blokes.

What To Look Out For

Fragrance: Smell is everything, you want to love it when you pump it. Design: Will you feel comfortable having your next guest see it on your shower shelf?Price: You’re using it every day so ensure you buy something that’s good value to YOU!Ingredients: Know what you’re putting on your body; it matters.

The Bottom Line

In today’s world, being a man doesn’t mean you have to smell like a construction site at the end of the day. Using body wash isn’t just about smelling fresh — though that’s a nice bonus — it’s also about taking care of your skin, feeling confident, and starting (or ending) the day right. It’s time to upgrade your grooming game, my friend.

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