Australian Men Suffering Hair Loss Now Benefiting From This Discrete Solution

As men, we’ve had every fitness and nutrition tip in existence since Sparticus chewed his last bone drilled into us since birth. But when it comes to our mental health, up until the last few years, there has been a dearth of openness.

The same is true for hair regrowing treatments.

The result? Even though attitudes are changing, many are still loathe to tweak their hairlines – let alone admit to having done so. We’re also less likely to visit our doctor than women are. In fact, we visit our GP, on average, 30% less often than women do. On top of that, in these *cough* averse times, we are even less inclined to sit in a waiting room for anything we deem frivolous (or, lord forbid, embarrassing).

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for the pandemic to disappear before sorting your follicles, should you wish; the next time your brother in law makes a remark about receding mop, thanks to Mosh, you can – discretely, and without waiting for hours at your local medical clinic – do something about it.

Mosh is an online men’s health clinic, which aims to help make treatment more affordable, accessible and normal than ever, for everything from sexual performance to ACNE.

The hot topic of today though is a limited time offer Mosh is currently offering to Australian men looking to reverse their hair loss.

In fact, if you join the thousands of other Aussies on the program and start your hair loss treatment today, Mosh will give you free vitamins and shampoo worth $120 for hair regrowth.

With over 80% of guys experiencing hair loss in their lifetime, Mosh’s treatment plan has been trialled and tested to the point where they meet your needs from $1 a day, coordinating with leading experts to help you get the best treatment for hair loss.

How does it all work? Customers complete an interactive questionnaire to assess their unique needs. Mosh then uses algorithms to weed out people with medical conditions or who are not appropriate for telehealth. Next up, you’re connected with a doctor via video consult, where the doctor goes through your medical history and develops a personalised treatment plan for you.

The hair-boosting products are then delivered to your doorstep via a pharmacy based on a flexible subscription model.

To achieve all this, Mosh has partnered with Australian doctors, psychologists and pharmacists. Curious but not sold? Here’s the rundown on the company, to help you decide.

Mosh originally launched 3 years ago, offering a broad range of men’s health services 100% online including hair loss, sexual health (premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction), skincare (acne and anti-ageing), mental health and soon overall general health.

Mosh pitches itself as “the friend that happens to be a doctor.” In other words: the one you ask “does this rash look serious?” over a beer at the pub, and whose answer is so helpful and genuine it makes you realise it’s ok (hell, it’s great), to talk openly about your health, and to actively seek to look and feel your best.

Discover your hair loss treatment today and get free vitamins & shampoo worth $120 to assist boost your hair regrowth. Join Mosh with thousands of other Aussies! 

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