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Best Daily SPF Products For Men: Properly Protect And Nurture Your Skin

We may love living in a sunburnt country, but that doesn’t mean getting smashed in the face every day is a good thing. Sun damage is one of the biggest causes of aging… plus Mr. Skin Cancer. 

Even if you’re only in the sun for a small part of the day the UV rays will be hitting your pretty face. If you’re working outdoors, it’s even more important to use a strong SPF product. 

We’ve been advocates of using an SPF moisturiser for close to ten years. Which we can thank our mothers for, but there are still many guys who don’t make this part of their daily routine. That’s why we’ve rounded a selection of the products we use and can recommend with confidence to the DMARGE readers. 

What to look for when buying a daily SPF product….

Quality – You want to ensure the product is made by a reputable brand and is preferably endorsed by the Cancer Council (not always possible)Moisturising – Most sunblock is made for the beach and not everyday use, so pick something that’s made for daily face use.Protection – Anything SPF30 and above is what you should be looking for. Ease of use – Find a moisturiser which has SPF to make things easy

What our experts say

Olivier Duvillard
Cosmetic Industry Expert, Strategic Consultant to Brands, Retailers and PE funds.

We asked skincare expert Olivier Duvillard his opinion on what to look for when choosing a daily SPF product for guys. Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend for preventing photoaging and maintaining youthfulness. Daily SPF 30 or higher application is crucial, even in Australia.

The key is finding one you’ll use consistently. Choose the right texture for you; all-in-one moisturisers with sunscreen are time-savers. Opt for SPF 15 for everyday tasks but use SPF 50+ for extended outdoor activities, even on cloudy days, as harmful UVAs penetrate clouds and glass, accelerating premature skin aging.

The Take Home

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable component of skincare for everyone, irrespective of gender. We’ve all got skin, and it doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the sun’s rays. They can wreak havoc on anyone’s skin, causing everything from sunburn to premature wrinkles and skin cancer. Make sunscreen a part of your everyday routine and choose wisely.

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