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Burberry Touch for Men Review: A Crowd-Pleasing Scent for 2023 | FashionBeans

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What We LikeAvailability Versatility Wearability The Bottom Line It’s true that your first priority when choosing a cologne is to find one that you enjoy wearing. But there’s no shame in feeling validated when others around you rubber-stamp your choice. The overriding comment I came across writing this Burberry Touch for Men Review is that it’s a real people-pleaser. From its cool, crisp, and comforting aroma to its glowing reviews, if you’re looking to impress, it’s an add-to-bag no-brainer.View It On Amazon

Aromatic, clean, and fresh with a warm scent, Burberry Touch is the perfect choice for all you Mr Nice Guys out there looking for a little extra spice. Hence my gift to you, a complete Burberry Touch For Men Review.

Sexual appeal is not about your shirt size. And it’s nothing to do with what car you drive or the motorcycle you ride. Instead, it’s everything to do with the vibe you give off. Self-assurance is a powerful aphrodisiac. And when it comes to the magic touch, you know what they say, confidence is the ultimate accessory.

Whether you want to get ahead in the workplace or boost your love life, it’s essential to exude positivity in all situations. You may dress to impress, but do you also smell appealing?

In the year of the “clean” aesthetic, f*ck boys are on the out. It’s a fact; just ask Daniel Farrelly, a lecturer at the University of Worcester. His study reveals that women are more drawn to men who show kind, selfless traits. What’s more, attractiveness alone isn’t cutting if a guy wants to be considered long-term relationship material.

Are you a good guy who believes chivalry is alive and kicking? Then trust me, this Burberry Touch for men review will prove decent dudes rocking this cologne won’t finish last.

When you strut your stuff wearing Burberry Touch, you’ll get lots of positive feedback. Its blend of woody, floral, citrus and musk notes is light, welcoming, and appealing to everyone around.

Be confident in your scent selection without the hassle of experimenting with countless cologne samples and blind buys.

It’s time to stop scrolling and check out this Burberry Touch for Men Review.

Key Takeaways 

It’s true that your first priority when choosing a cologne is to find one that you enjoy wearing. But there’s no shame in feeling validated when others around you rubber-stamp your choice. The overriding comment I came across writing this Burberry Touch for Men Review is that it’s a real people-pleaser. From its cool, crisp, and comforting aroma to its glowing reviews, if you’re looking to impress, it’s an add-to-bag no-brainer.

Burberry Touch beside a flowering plantmichu.perfume / Instagram

Fragrance Notes & Scent 

Burberry Touch For Men

Before we dive deep into this Burberry Touch for men review, let’s begin with the fundamentals. First, what does it smell like? The opening is a subtle powdery blend with fresh notes of violet leaf, artemisia, and mandarin.

As the scent settles into the skin, heart notes of white pepper, nutmeg, and cedar come through, giving the cologne its trademark spicy woodiness. Finally, after an hour or two of wear, you’ll hit the base. A clean combination of white musk, warming tonka, and earthy vetiver.

Individually, these notes may sound like heavy hitters. Yet Burberry Touch balances them expertly so that the overall effect is neither loud nor overpowering. Whatever Burberry Touch lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for wearability. If you’re the type of guy who takes pride in his daily grooming routine and likes to appear put together, this could very well be your new everyday scent.

Usage & Occasion

Burberry Touch is subtle and inoffensive to most noses. It’s this that makes it an ideal contender for wearing to work or on those occasions when making a good first impression matters.

Don’t get me wrong, though; that’s not to say that Burberry Touch is purely formal. This fresh, musky fragrance layers just as well on a crisp white tee as it does on an Oxford cotton shirt.

Would I specifically spritz this scent for date night or beers with the boys? No, but if you’re already wearing Burberry Touch all day and want to head straight out without switching scents, you won’t get any side-eye for rocking this once the sun goes down.

The only time I wouldn’t reach for Burberry Touch is in peak winter. Cold weather can dampen a cologne’s notes, so you’ll need a scent with a more powerful projection to compensate.

Packaging & Price

Burberry Touch is an Eau de Toilette formulation and is available in three sizes: 3.4/1.7/1oz (100/50/30ml). As a rule of thumb, you should get 10 sprays per 1ml of fragrance. So the smallest size will give you around 300 sprays and the largest treats you to 900!

When choosing a size, it comes down to two factors; price and how often you will use fragrance. If you’re going to make it your everyday cologne, then it’s better to splurge on the largest or mid-size option. On the other hand, if it’s intended as a once-in-a-while fragrance, 1 FL OZ should be more than enough.

Writing this Burberry Touch for men review, I came across lots of deals and offers. The average price for a 3.4oz spray is around $76, a little less than $22 per oz.

The fragrance has a tint of pale blue and comes in a glass bottle supposedly shaped like a male torso featuring the Burberry logo with a wooden cap. The EDT comes in a tasteful box with a plaid design. As you would expect from the elegant brand Burberry, overall, the packaging is chic.

grungyboguez / Instagram

Trend and Popularity

Did you know Burberry was the first designer to live stream a fashion show? The forward-thinking brand launched Burberry Touch for Men in 2000. Over two decades later, its popularity is still growing.

Cologne is an ideal way to switch things up, and sometimes I find my scent wardrobe needs a seasonal spring clean. But instead of kicking my forever fragrance into touch, I like to layer it with another perfume. Burberry Touch is ideal for doing this, as it’s a light fragrance that pairs well with stronger notes to create a unique one-off scent.

Sillage and Longevity

Now, we come to an extra important section of my Burberry Touch for Men Review; how long it lasts and how strong it smells to those around us.

The Eau de Toilette formula offers around 4-5 hours in terms of longevity. So, if cloying colognes have you swiping left, Burberry Touch is a great match.

The projection is moderate but respectable. In my experience, those standing up to an arm’s length away will get gentle wafts of your aroma. These lighter fragrance types work best in milder months, like spring and fall.

Burberry Touch is priced at just over $75 for 3.4oz, which sits somewhere between the budget and luxury cologne categories. With a 4-5 hour wear time, you’ll need at least one top-up for a full day’s coverage. In my book, this gives Burberry Touch a score of 7/10 when it comes to value for money.

What we like


The fact that Burberry Touch is still a serious cologne contender over two decades on from its launch is testament to its versatility and timelessness. Rest assured; this all-rounder fragrance isn’t going out of style any time soon. This can’t always be said for more daring cologne releases that fit a fleeting trend.


Burberry Touch is a crowd-pleaser. In all the time I’ve worn it, I’ve never once noticed a nose scrunch, sniffle, or sneeze from anyone around me. This is what makes it the ideal spritz-and-go scent for those days when you don’t have time to agonize over your cologne collection.


I love a niche or limited-edition fragrance as much as the next cologne connoisseur. But I don’t enjoy the agony of rationing out each drop for fear of never being able to re-buy. That’s one of the key bonuses of opting for a popular, mainstream scent; it’s widely available in stores. Plus, well-established classic colognes tend to be the ones that enjoy larger discounts during seasonal sales. Fall in love with Burberry Touch, and you needn’t worry about it continually falling out of stock like the current new releases.

Flaws But Not Deal Breakers

As with everything in life, it’s all about perspective. What is a plus point to one guy may be a major downside to another. And no Burberry Touch for men review would be fair without also mentioning potential pitfalls.

What I appreciate about Burberry Touch is its adaptability and inoffensiveness. Burberry Touch is a play-it-safe scent, and there’s many a time and place that works great for. Like at the office, for example, or when meeting new people.

Yet, this is also what limits the fragrance from becoming an all-time best cologne. Burberry Touch will never have a Drake song named after it, like Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather. Nor will it be touted on the red carpet by the likes of George Clooney, as is Mediterraneo Carthusia. If you’re after a game-changing, ground-breaking scent, this just isn’t it. But it isn’t claiming to be, either.

bom_nun__ / Instagram

What Are Customers Saying about Burberry Touch

For me, Burberry Touch is a memorable, clean, and appealing buy that comes at a pocket-friendly price point. However, some say its powdery fragrance is a turn-off and its projection underwhelming. For this Burberry Touch for men review, I’ll give three Fragrantica reviewers the final word.

CoachSignature88 gives this product a hefty 8.5 out of 10, saying, “Gosh, I just love this scent. It’s become one of my signature scents! To me, it has like a light smokey cigarette residue mixed with musk that can work for any occasion. Lasts a very long time, too, on my skin. It’s been over 12 hours, and I still smell it. This scent and Burberry men is the best in their lineup. Price is right too. Great job, Burberry!”

FragranceAnon agrees, “a beautiful, fresh, spicy fragrance that can be comfortably worn in a variety of circumstances and doesn’t cost much. What’s not to like?” And because there are always two sides to every coin, it’s a thumbs down from Addjscents, “another barbershop cologne. Honestly, that’s not my preference. I wore it a few times but poor projection longevity and barely silage is disappointing. It’s 6/10.”

You simply can’t please all of the people all of the time. But reading through lots of frag reviews, I have to say there are lots more lovers than haters.

Final Verdict 

Burberry Touch For Men

Burberry Touch is a top fragrance pick for guys searching for an everyday all-star thanks to its crowd-pleasing composition and wearability. But, if you’re the type who doesn’t like to blind buy, my Burberry Touch for Men Review has everything you would want to know before hitting “add to cart”.

Alternative Options

Montblanc Legend

If Burberry Touch’s versatility is what keeps you coming back for more, then you’ll love Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette. Montblanc Legend takes the violet leaf, woods, and subtle citrus that Burberry Touch is known for and cranks it up with leather and white florals. It’s got more oomph and projection, which means it’s also well-suited to winter and nighttime wear.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme

Burberry Touch is what we call a fresh spicy fragrance. Its notes are “cooler” and crisper thanks to the addition of musk. If you prefer your spicy scents to be warmer and woodier, then opt for Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme. They share similar DNA, think of them like cologne cousins, and are both classy and easy-to-wear, all-rounder scents.

Versace Pour Homme

If you’re after an everyday spring or summer scent that packs a bit more personality, Versace Pour Homme may well be your perfect match. It’s classy and crisp thanks to the mutual notes it shares with Burberry Touch, tonka bean, musk, and cedar, but it really dials up the citrus and florals for a fresher effect.


The first spritz of Burberry Touch hits you with its refreshing combo of powdery violets, bitter artemisia and tart mandarin. This initial freshness then blends harmoniously with white pepper, cedar, and nutmeg. The winning touchdown, though, comes courtesy of a manly mix of white musk, vetiver, and tonka bean. As a result, the tone changes from sharp and citrusy to comfortable and cosy.

For some men’s colognes, when it comes to longevity, it can be a little touch and go, but that’s not the case for this designer scent. Instead, 5-6 sprays of Burberry Touch will last an impressive 4-5 hours straight, making it a great choice for drinks, daytime dates and beyond. My stand-out discovery of this Burberry Touch for Men Review is that this scent is pleasurable rather than overpowering.

For this Burberry Touch for Men Review, I went to the font of all feedback, Amazon. I came across a lot of comments, but this one from CJC62 stood out the most. He wrote, “I have been using this for the past few years since moving to a new neighborhood. I use it when I go out to any place, but especially to neighborhood functions where the ladies always want a hug or when out on a date or event with any of them. They all mumble to the other ladies or me that I smell nice. I’ll keep buying this”. I think this says it all, don’t you?

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