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Chris Hemsworth Completes Lad Night Bingo With Beers & Home Tattoo

If we had a dollar for every time someone told us their tattoos are the result of a drunk night in Bali, we’d have a pretty healthy bank balance. But, the fact of the matter is, summoning up the courage to get inked can sometimes only be made possible after a few drinks.

And now, Australian poster boy Chris Hemsworth has proven you don’t even need to go on a holiday escape to get a drink-fuelled tattoo, you can actually just get one done at home. Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Chris shared a few images of himself getting a tattoo by his friend, and owner of Forte Tattoos in Texas, Dillon Forte.

“Always fun catching up with @dillonforte. What do ya get when ya mix an old mate, couple beers and a tattoo gun…some trippy sacred geometry,” Chris captioned the post.

Chris ends the slideshow post with a look at the fresh ink on the inside of his right forearm, and it is indeed some “trippy sacred geometry.” It’s not the first tattoo Hemsworth has gotten, however, as he also has the initials C. E. I. T. and S written in symbols of the Runic alphabet. Chris’s wife, Elsa Pataky, also has the same tattoo, implying the initials likely refer to their names: Chris, Elsa and children, India, Tristan and Sasha.

Tattoos are becoming more and more common, and researchers reckon about four in every 10 young adults aged 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo. However, it’s important to note that it’s recommended you don’t consume alcohol (at least, in excessive quantities), before and after getting your ink done.

Alcohol can thin your blood, which can lead to excessive bleeding when the needle pierces your skin. All that extra blood can make it harder for the tattoo artist to see what they’re doing. Drinking after your tattoo can once again thin the blood, which could potentially make the healing process that much thicker. We’re sure Dillon would have made Chris aware of this fact, and so a couple of beers likely wouldn’t have had much effect.

Chris Hemsworth’s tattoo also comes shortly after health hacker Dave Asprey came out and said tattoos are bad for your health, claiming tattoo ink can contain “toxic metals.”

He added, “Oh and when they say, ‘Oh, it’s vegan,’ it’s usually plastics and endocrine disruptors so what my caffeine tattoo here is… this is done with carbon black which is activated charcoal.”

“So carbon black is apparently the safest one. I did a lot of research on doing this, if you have a lot of metals in your body… if you have metals in your body weird stuff happens. I already have enough metal in my body from an implant in my knee.”

Naturally, Dave’s comments attracted some criticism, with some essentially saying that nothing is truly good for you and that you should just live your life without fear. That’s exactly what Chris Hemsworth appears to have done. We’re just glad it wasn’t a truly alcohol-fuelled ‘shit tattoo’ that he’d end up regretting.

Now, how long until he ends up looking like Post Malone?

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