Cristiano Ronaldo Ditches Top Knot In Favour Of Peculiar ‘Old School’ Look

Many have complained about being bored recently, what with all the social distancing and self-isolation. People have been turning to all sorts of distractions: video games, Scrabble, cooking, winking at their neighbours – the list gets weirder.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s lockdown poison of choice seems to be experimenting with different haircuts, the football superstar having debuted a number of wild new looks over the last few months.

First, he let his wife cut his hair: an ill-considered move that left him with a weird undercut.

Then he thought he’d have a play with loose, wavy locks for a change – a far cry from the super-slick looks he’s known for.

Letting his hair grow out, he then tried a curly faux-afro look, apparently inspired by his Juventus teammate Juan Cuadrado’s coiffure.

Clearly he didn’t keep that one around too long, because he’s been spotted recently tying his hair back in a man bun.

But if you thought the top knot would be the end of the ~experimentation~ you’d have been sorely wrong.

Now CR7’s returned to something a bit more conventional, chopping off the dreaded manbun but keeping the curls in a synthesis of all his previous summer haircut experiments.

Some football tragics aren’t a fan of this new look. Retired US national team defender Jimmy Conrad mused, “He’s got that Diego Simeone vibe going” – a reference to the conventional cut of Atlético Madrid’s fiery Argentinian head honcho.

Another commenter joked, “Ronaldo has had more hairstyles than Alexis has scored goals this season,” referring to Inter Milan forward Alexis Sánchez.

In any case, the new do didn’t do much to help Ronaldo on Wednesday’s clash with AC Milan, where the Juventus striker’s team lost 4-2.

Stylistically, though, we think Ronaldo’s on the up: forget what the haters are saying, Cristiano – we love an old school look.

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