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Man Cracks The Code To Avoiding Hair Loss… & You Can Do It Too

Hair loss: it’s a problem many men face. But even though it’s common, that doesn’t make it any easier to deal with; especially for those who really can’t stand the idea of becoming bald or doing the super obvious comb-over à la Homer Simpson.

While there are many treatments available like hair loss shampoos and hair transplants, one TikTok user has outlined an extremely simple method to avoid hair loss. The TikToker, Nick Coetzee, simply doesn’t wash his hair.

Coetzee says in his video – which you can watch below – that he used to suffer severe hair loss.

“So, about six years ago, my hair started receding and started coming out in clumps…. Clumps of hair would end up landing on my clothing.”

Coetzee hasn’t washed his hair in years…

And then Coetzee details that, at the time, he thought his hair loss was being caused by all the hair products he used to wash his hair; so he decided to forego all products, including shampoo, just to see what happened.

“It was the chemicals and things I was putting in my hair while I was washing and using traditional shampoo and conditioner. What I decided to do was to stop using any of these products and surprisingly my hair got a lot healthier.”

Just looking at Coetzee, you’d never think he once suffered from severe hair loss, as in his video, his blonde locks are luscious and thick. Therefore, there may be some merit to his claims, but if you’re dubious to stop using shampoo because of how greasy your hair will get, Coetzee addresses this and says you just have to push through it for a few weeks.

“You might think, if you stop washing your hair it’s gonna be greasy and it does do that for about two or three weeks but after that your natural oils come back, you know you’ve been stripping them with all the harsh chemicals, and then your hair can be extremely healthy without having to wash it anymore.”

Well, you heard the man. If you want an abundance of healthy hair on top of your head, stop washing your hair.

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