Mark Zuckerberg Teaches Australian Men Unlikely Lesson In Home Haircuts

When you’re worth more than AU$100 billion, you can afford to get your hair cut every day. But Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, despite being one of the few individuals that can afford to splurge, literally never does so.

On that (hairy) note: after rocking the exact same look for the past ten years, Zuck has become a lockdown trendsetter, without even trying.

Zuck appears to have been cutting his mop at home for years (if not his barber needs more than a stern word) took to Instagram on Sunday, posting a selfie of his wife, Priscilla Chan, holding scissors and about to cut his hair.

Snapping the selfie in, what seems to be, the comfort of his own home, Zuckerberg captioned the post, “New normal: this lockdown is officially two haircuts long.”

The commentary on Instagram went straight for Zuck’s jugular, “My man can’t figure out human time measurement systems so he just goes by haircuts.”


“Thought this was photoshop,” another user added, and below it, “A power cut.”

However, despite the mockery, it appears many Australian men have been getting in on the home haircut action too, channelling robo-man’s DGAF energy.

As we reported last month, this has become something of a ~trend~.

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Zuckerberg, on the other hand, is as untrendy consistent as you can get, having rocked his one-dimensional haircut for what seems like forever.

When Zuckerberg isn’t getting his buzz on during lockdown, he is doing his bit to assist in the global fight against coronavirus. The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, jointly named after his long time wife, is making a low-cost, single-use ventilator in an effort to contribute to the shortage of ventilators for patients with coronavirus.

We’d argue he’d do best to stick to that than to start opening any salons…

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