‘Sexiest Way’ Of Convincing Your Partner To Let You Keep Your Quarantine Beard

Australia is amid a grooming revolution. From Chris Hemsworth to Hamish Blake, if Beard Season (a charity that’s been picking up steam since 2010) didn’t convince you to grow a beard this year then surely spending two months working from home did.

This leaves many men at a follicular pinnacle of their lives, sparking the question: to shave or not to shave?

For those with a partner, the question is rather more complex. After all: just because you can convince your boss to let you keep your quarantine beard, if you’re not getting up close and personal with them, it’s a rather different proposition.

On that note, DMARGE spoke to arguably Australia’s best beard owner (and founder of Melanoma charity Beard Season), Jimmy Niggles, to get his advice on what new beard owners can do to convince their partners to let them keep their quarantine fuzz (or better yet grow it into a full-on beard).

Here’s what he told us: “By not having to shave you’re essentially buying yourself at least ten minutes every morning. If you dedicate that time to your partner in fun and creative ways I’m sure you’ll win them around.”

“Plus if you’re doing it for a charity like ours, you’re literally saving lives which should be pretty damn sexy. If they’re still not convinced, have a browse through our #BeardSeasonAmbassadors and show them what you’ll soon become.”

Follicular glory awaits.

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