Simple Habits That Prove You’re A Well Groomed Man & Not A Bloody Slob

Grooming. How difficult can it be? Very much so, considering our fixation with the latest hairstyle trends and quick-tricks for better looking facial hair. And then, there’s mancaping – down below. Uh-oh.

Whatever the grooming crutch, simple is so much better than anything overdone. Why is which we’ve compiled a quick list of what’s considered humble habit for becoming a well-groomed man: flawless skin, nice hair and white teeth. Nobody’s born beautiful. Here are 6 simples habits of well groomed men that every man should use in his daily bathroom routine.

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You’ve Got A Signature Scent

Your cologne or fragrance says a lot about personal taste, which is why well groomed men have this down pat. First, go to a reputable fragrance seller – one that retails both big name, best-sellers and boutique scents. Apply and sniff, and let the fragrance mellow on the card or skin. Get to know it, take it home with you, live with it for while – only then can you truly know if you like it or not.

If you’re not happy with an off-the-shelf brand (or content with smelling like everyone else), then concoct you very own scent. Like a bespoke suit, it will fit your personality and style like a glove. In summary, take the time to try-before-you-buy. There’s more to fragrance than forming an allegiance with Team Citrus, Team Sugar or Team Spice.

You Brush (And Floss)

“How hot is bad breath,” said no-one, ever. Which is why dental hygiene – down to the nitty-gritty, is imperative. Flossing does about 40% of the work required to remove sticky bacteria, or plaque from your teeth, especially in between teeth, where brushing doesn’t reach.

Plaque generates acid, which can cause cavities, irritate the gums, and lead to gum disease – one of the main causes of bad breath. You follow? Not even mouthwash or the occasional mint replaces the ferocity of a good floss. Afraid of the red stuff? Bleeding means the gums are inflamed because plaque has built up and needs to be cleaned away. Gross. But, don’t let that deter you. Floss- at least once a day, and the bleeding, plaque and bad breath shall cease.

You Know Your Hair Type

It’s all well and good to want the coolest haircut of the season. But well-groomed men know their hair type first, and then decide on a workable hairstyle based on what genetics gave them. These are the main hair characteristics to consider:

Density: thick, medium or thinPorosity: the hair’s ability to hold moisture (low, medium or high)Elasticity: the hair’s ability to stretch and not break (low, medium or high)Curl Pattern: straight, wavy, curly or coily

Decipher your hair type using the checklist above. But be sure to do so only when the hair is au naturel: dry, clean and void of any hair product that inhibit a true assessment. Then, head to a barber (with a photo if you wish), to explain the look you’re after. Then, with the pro’s approval should you proceed with your dream hairdo.

You Know Your Skin Type

Just like hair, the well-groomed man knows his specialised skin type. The main skin types for men are oily, dry, sensitive and normal. Whether you need put more moisturise back into the skin or eradicate oils due to clogged up pores, the natural state of your skin (cause by genetics and diet, really) will affect what skin care products you’ll be needing, and how intense your regime.

Then, there’s the physical environment that you live/work in. Work in an office? Consider the affect of air-conditioning on drying out your skin. And, if you’re outside working the sun and wind both play a part in drying and even burning your skin. Basic skin care essentials include a non-greasy moisturiser (with added UV protection is a plus), a face cleanser and an exfoliator (to be used pre-shave).

You Always Book In Advance

From the barber who trims to the nail technician who pushes back cuticles, a well groomed man is in tune with his outsourced grooming routine (following some research into the best barber shops, of course). More importantly, he has his hair, beard, waxing and ‘whatever’ appointments booked in, in advance.

So, it’s never a cause of looking sloppy, simply because he couldn’t get a session with his go-to person. Visit these people every 4-6 weeks and, in case of emergencies, have these people on speed-dial.

You’ve Got The Balls To Seek Help & Advice

This leads into the most important simple habit of well groomed men – they seek help or advice from others. If you’re unsure on your skin type, consult a skin/beauty therapist or a GP, especially in relation to severe oily/dry skin (the problem could be much deeper than using a certain face cream).

Can’t decipher your hair type? Chat to the barber next time and ask what type you are. We guarantee they’ll be impressed you even bothered to ask. And then, as professionals, they can suggest appropriate hair products to lift your hair-game.

Finally, find a female in your life (the girlfriend, wife or sister) and chat grooming tricks for a bit. More so than men, women have been inundated with beauty regimes and grooming products (especially skin and hair) their entire lives, and have grooming gems stored away, just waiting to be uncovered.

While male and female bodies aren’t exactly alike, there’s certainly cross-over in how the two sexes (both being human) react to ‘life’ environments (the physical weather, diet/exercise and the stress of work/relationships). This all takes its toll on skin, hair and dental hygiene.

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