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The 15 Best Beard Trimmers to Tackle Your Beard Goals (updated 2024) | FashionBeans

Much like the hair on the top of your head, beards require some TLC (trimmer loving care). After all, there’s only one Gandalf, and his approach to facial hair doesn’t slip easily into many 21st-century looks.

You can style a beard for different seasons, different growth patterns, and different face shapes, but whether you mix up your face fur or stick to one style, you’re going to need a beard trimmer to get the job done.

Most modern trimmers are built to tackle all hair types, so you needn’t spend a fortune to achieve a fresh-out-the-chair look. Additionally, ownership gives you full creative control, allowing you to achieve bolder looks without leaving your own bathroom.

The options are barbershop-worthy, too: trimmers now come in all shapes and forms, from low-tech numbers that just get the job done to machines that look like they were designed by Q Branch, with built-in lasers and vacuums.

Beard Trimmers for Men

Philips is a jack of all trades electronics conglomerate that makes almost everything, but that doesn’t mean they half-ass any of their products.

For guys who shave a lot, this beard trimmer is pretty special. If you’ve ever cleaned up sticky bits of hair shrapnel on a bathroom sink, only to be scolded by a housemate when you inevitably miss some (we know some of you guys just leave it), this trimmer might be worth your time. Its vacuum feature helps limit the hair you actually have to clean up. Another innovative feature of this razor is its oil-free design: no blade oiling is necessary to keep this baby sharp.

What we likeCleans up your sprayed shavings as you trim (i.e., prevents household conflict)Self-sharpening razor. Just don’t ask us how it worksWhat we don’t likeMore complicated tech means more that might break down over the years

It’s not a household name like Philips is, but guys who’ve been growing a beard for a while will know the name. They’re known for their innovative beard tech, and the Braun Beard Trimmer 3040 follows that trend.

This beard trimmer has an integrated precision dial with 39 different cutting lengths. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to change his styles on the fly, this might be your new favorite trimmer.

What we likeIntegrated dial with 39 different cutting lengths without toggling headsYou’ll no longer need to have a ton of attachments in your bathroomWhat we don’t likeEight hours charge only lasts 60 minutes. Get ready to tote the charger with you everywhere you go

Conair, owners of Babyliss, are a worldwide favorite in grooming products. They also have a Cinderella story ala Microsoft and other big boys; they were founded in a little Queens, NY garage.

This model is available to use with the power cord or without (battery charge up to two hours) making it extremely versatile to your needs. With an all-metal exterior and a special textured grip, it’s incredibly easy to hold as you maneuver spots all over your face. What makes this model special is its exposed T-blade with ‘zero-gap’ technology to help achieve the closest shave possible.

What we likeSuperior blade technology to get a close trimAll metal exterior, old-school style and gold color make this a piece you want to show off on the bathroom counterWhat we don’t likeThe gold finish is reported to slip off after heavy use, for a pricier option this could be a disappointment to some. However, if color isn’t a factor this trimmer still produces a superior close shave

Japanese stand-by Panasonic has been a multi-tasking master for years now, and this beard trimmer is no different. This trimmer has 19 settings – 0.5mm to 10mm when used with the very functional snap-on comb attachments. Any shape-up you need, this trimmer will be able to handle it.

What we likeErgonomic grip means even long shaves will be comfortable (say goodbye to hand cramps)Plenty of versatile options – shave with a cord or cordless for up to 60 minutes. Then clean up fast with a waterproof design. What we don’t like9 setting options is a lot and many men won’t have a need for all of them

You don’t need the fanciest new technology to get a shaving job done. If you’re not looking to spend much but still want a primary corded trimmer that will take care of most jobs, this might be your new budget trimmer. Don’t expect any precision line-ups from this model, but this will work just fine for basic beard needs. 

What we likeA powerful trimmer that gets the job done and won’t run out of battery no matter how long the shave is Affordable for most budgets  What we don’t likeThis model only has a corded option, this can be frustrating if you have a difficult bathroom set up or travel often

If you’ve heard the name Remington, it’s most likely because they’re one of the world’s most significant manufacturers of quality firearms in the world. While this grooming company was originally part of the gun-making empire, it was sold off but kept the iconic name.

However, the company kept its commitment to high-quality, tough products built to last. With a polycarbonate exterior, you can rest assured even if you mess up your shave and feel the need to throw the trimmer across the room, it will still work when you pick it up to try again. 

What we like120 minutes of use per charge, so multiple sessions are manageable. Best for travel and long haul flights. What we don’t likeWill take up more luggage space than smaller travel trimmers. 

Welcome to the future, while eight-direction contour heads (think, lots of tiny blades) might seem like something out of a nightmare-gone wrong, it’s actually the path to your next best shave.

Philips Norelco beard trimmer offers a wealth of options with this model; whether you’re someone who prides themselves on their shaving brush, shaving bowl, and aftercare products, or someone who likes to get the job done fast.  

What we likePhillips has a ‘BeardAdapt’ sensor that helps check your hair density 15 times per second, and automatically adapt to your face for a better shave The waterproof design includes a handy LED numeric display What we don’t likeThis level of tech may be overkill for guys who don’t shave regularly

Remington is a gun manufacturing company that also makes some pretty grooming products. At the top of the list, the Remington MB4045 is the perfect side-arm for long and thick beards. This bad boy comes with a barrage of attachments, so any length build will be easy to tackle. 

This beard trimmer is another excellent Remington product built for tackling the most grizzly of beards. You won’t have to worry about going slow with this trimmer, and you’re more likely to get struck by lightning than get snagged hairs on this bad boy. 

This set comes with lengths options from 20mm to 35mm, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not you can control your biker beard. It also comes with a mixed boar bristle brush and a pair of barbers scruff scissors. Those accessories will help tame that furry face-beast when a trimmer isn’t suitable for the job. 

What we likeNo hurdles are too high for this beard trimmer to handleExtra accessories will handle any grooming necessaryWhat we don’t likeKit takes up a lot of space

With headquarters smack in the middle of Silicon Valley, it’s no shock that the good folks at Pure Enrichment are tech enthusiasts. Now that they’ve released their first beard trimmer, the love of great design has clearly carried over into the men’s grooming market. 

The design of this fellow is sleek and straightforward, nice enough to keep out on the counter and uncomplicated enough to not require a three-day training session. Considering it’s not overly expensive, the Trym II is a great all-around product for guys who are big on slick designs.

What we likeThe beautiful, no-frills designGreat performance for a budget option What we don’t likeThis won’t be the only beard trimmer you’ll need for the rest of your life, but for an affordable price we don’t mind replacing it every few years

One of life’s cruelest realities is that eventually, every beard trimmer will need replacing. The Andis T-liner looks to defy time by tackling the near-impossible task of creating an immortal beard trimmer.

There may be no such thing as an immortal beard trimmer yet, but Andis is doing their best. They claim that their T-Liner will stay in perfect condition for at least five years. While that might not seem like much to us humans, in beard years, that’s like 300 years old (a statement based on no science at all). 

What we likeDue to the trimmer being corded there is no chance of it dying halfway through a trimThe versatile kit comes with three blades and four combsWhat we don’t likeNot ideal for the bathroom counter or long shaves due to the weight

Sometimes you don’t want the cutting-edge tech or the 100 attachments to cover every situation. Sometimes you just want the best-looking product money can buy. A beard trimmer that would look at home decorating your living room as it will on the bathroom shelf. For guys like that, this might be worth a buy.

Bevel didn’t just make the sexiest trimmer you’ve ever seen; it works damn good too. It also comes with enough attachments to handle most situations. No drawers filled with plastic combs here. Only the best-looking trimmer around.

What we likeSleek design that you’ll want to show offGreat value for all the extra features this design comes withWhat we don’t likeYou might need a second to put on display 

Yes, Meridian designed this for manscaping your nether regions, but hear us out. Since this beauty avoids nicking the worst place possible to nick, it stands to reason that it will keep your sensitive face happy too. It isn’t the only groin-grooming razor out there, but we think it’s the best. Other manscaping brands are said to chew up sacs like bubble gum, so lucky for you they didn’t make the cut.

Meridian did right by guys with sensitive skin with this trimmer. They even included a few attachments knowing people will use it to shave anywhere.


What we likeEngineered for the most sensitive skin in mindGreat for shower shavers with 100% waterproof features and a stellar 90 minute battery lifeWhat we don’t likeLimited attachments and length options, this model is best suited for a stubble or clean shave

This beard trimmer is a great little hybrid that doesn’t just survive on its novelty; it is a performer. The Norelco Oneblade is the perfect companion for guys with shorter beards that need regular touching up. Also lovely for fly-away beard hairs and when you need one of the closest shave possible (hence the hybrid part).

Hybrid razors haven’t quite blown up yet, but that doesn’t mean they suck. While they won’t be the best for guys with heavy shrubbery growing from the chins, they’re great for touching up shorter beards and creating straight lines. Some folks think the design is odd-looking, but hey, in our opinion, it works. We think the style is pretty cool. Cheers to new advancements in beard trimming.

What we likeTouch-up masterCan provide a very close shaveWhat we don’t likeNot battle-ready for big and/or long beards   

If you’re like many men, you like to shave in the shower to multi-task and save time cleaning. Shower shavers know that it’s best not to get your trimmer waterlogged, or else it will start to underperform. However, the best of both worlds is ready to grace your bathroom because men’s grooming giant, Philips, has freed us all.

With its Bodygroom 1100 Showerproof beard trimmer, razor destruction worries are extinct. You can finally wade around in the pool while you trim your beard without frying anything. 

It only comes with one attachment, and you won’t have a dial with countless lengths like some competitors. However, that does make this model less versatile than others.

What we like100% waterproof. No exceptions.Includes wrist strap for slippery, soapy handlesWhat we don’t likeWithout many style options this really only works for some desired beard lengths

If you’re a bearded man that’s constantly going out of town for work (or play), you’re going to need a beard trimmer you can easily carry around in your bag. While many of the best beard trimmers on the list are easy enough to wield, they don’t exactly fit seamlessly in a backpack or laptop bag. 

The Kemei Mini Clippers are small enough to fit comfortably in a cargo pocket if need be and are still powerful enough to trim a fully functional Abe Lincoln face curtain. Not bad for something many men can hide in their palms. 

What we likeCan be stored anywhereHandles most essential beard maintenance wellWhat we don’t likeBatteries last long but will need replacing

How To Choose A Beard Trimmer

“Picking a trimmer isn’t as easy as you may think,” says Phil Reader, master barber at Drakes of London. “There are a couple of important things to consider, such as how thick or dense your beard is. What length of beard do you want and where will you be using it most?

“Cordless trimmers are convenient and easy to handle. However, they tend to sacrifice cutting power. Mains-powered clippers tend to have a more powerful motor, but are harder to use in a wet bathroom.”

To that point, Reader makes another important recommendation: “The biggest mistake most men make is keeping [trimmers] in a bathroom. This warm, damp place promotes bacteria growth and causes steel blades to rust. Keep them dry.

“It’s important to clean and oil the clippers between each use, which will keep them clean and rust-free. It’s also worth investing in some clipper disinfectant spray to keep the blades free of any bacteria.”

Man with beard trimmer @remingtonbeardboss / Instagram

What To Look For In A Beard Trimmer 

Beard Thickness

The most crucial piece of the puzzle is the beard lengths each trimmer can handle. Not every trimmer is excellent for giant wizard beards, and likewise, not every tamer of plus-sized beards is suited for sharp goatee touch-ups. The best thing you can do is understand which beard trimmer is best for which thickness.

Battery Life

If you’re a guy who travels or has complex styles that take serious groom time to handle, you’ll have to consider your beard trimmer’s battery power. Whether you travel a lot or shave mostly at home will have a big effect on your purchase. Whatever your preference, there’s something out there for you.

Combs, Attachments, and Accessories

Unless you plan to keep your style the same while having a beard, you’ll need suitable attachments. There are plenty of great beard trimmers kits with attachments galore for every purpose.

Man with beard trimmer@remington.official / Instagram


Speaking of bacteria, it’s worth remembering that trimming your facial hair is better than shaving it off completely. Hipsters went into smug overdrive following a recent study that found that clean-shaven men are more likely to harbor infection-causing bacteria than men who had grown a beard. (Another recent study found that women find bearded men more attractive, too. Just saying.)

Buying a beard trimmer also cuts down on the time you’re glued to the bathroom mirror. Beards do not require much maintenance, unlike the clean-shaven look, which is a daily shaving routine, along with painful cuts and rashes.

With all that in mind, we got the buzz on the best beard trimmers on the market to ensure your facial hair looks neat every day. (Related: How To Pick The Right Beard For Your Face Shape)

Trimming your beard in the shower is a convenient, tidy way to get your wild facial hair in check while multitasking with other personal hygiene needs. The steam opens up the pores making the shave easier on guys with sensitive skin, and the water washes away the excess hair. This way, you’re significant other or roommates don’t have to suffer if you don’t feel like giving the sink a deep cleaning on every trim.

Unless the manual says that your trimmer is 100% water safe, we recommend avoiding internal water damage. Another thing to remember is that it can be alright to get the outside of your trimmer wet, but it’s best to keep it out of the direct water flow. Shaving with your back to the water makes this easy to avoid.

While they used to be far superior to their wireless counterparts, that isn’t the case anymore. Currently, consumers can enjoy plenty of wireless trimmers able to tackle multitudes of tasks.

It’s a matter of preference whether you want a beard trimmer you’ll have to recharge or one with a cord that gets in your way; either way, you’ll have to make a sacrifice.

Even the most bare-bones beard trimmer kits (probably) come with the necessary products to make cleaning your trimmer possible. You’ll find a small brush used to clean out hairs lodged in the mechanical guts. Most of the trimmers on this list also have removable heads to make cleaning the blades themselves much more manageable. This way, you won’t have to worry about soaking the insides.

For good measure, it’s good to spray a quick disinfectant on the blade. Once you’ve removed the excess hair, you’ll need to make sure it’s oiled occasionally as well. We’ll go over this in our next step.

You’ll want to oil your trimmers to avoid them becoming noisy and overheating. If you let hair and crud take over, it won’t perform at its peak capabilities. On the other hand, nicely maintained trimmers will last years without malfunction.  

First, to oil them, turn the trimmer so that the blades are facing downwards. Turn it on and drip oil three times across the front of the teeth, then once on each side of the heel. Hold the trimmer in this position for about five seconds, then turn it off and wipe off any leftover oil.

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