We Love Cologne for Men

There are some things that won’t age, things that maintain their sex appeal and elegance over the years. Green Irish Tweed, commonly known as GIT, is one of them. Launched in 1985, this amazing signature fragrance from the house of Creed is a favorite of many celebrities, e.g., Clint Eastwood, George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan. Wearing GIT makes you feel like you’re walking in the countryside and unstoppable. The fragrance has a great smell that implies wealth, swagger, confidence, and simplicity – in other words, it implies that the wearer is a gentleman. GIT is an extremely versatile scent and quite amazing, so you can wear it both to the causally and to a power meeting. Put on two or three sprays and you’ll immediately be re-energized and ready-to-go. Green Irish Tweed is our favorite and the best reason why we love cologne for men! If you want to find others that top of charts go to our top colognes guide.

Cologne for Men 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray Green Irish Tweed Cologne By Creed Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex) &Good experience&

We love cologne for men and if you are interesting in learning more about Creed fragrances, check out our Creed Review.

We love cologne for men because it makes you more attractive

According to scientific research, Cologne makes you more attractive. The type and brand of cologne you wear is very important in that you smell great, but you are also generally perceived as attractive. These colognes are typically made with pleasant notes such as vanilla or lavender.

Cologne brands’ marketing says both men and women are more sexually appealing by wearing cologne. We believe that the right cologne is the cherry on the cake of a good outfit!!!

We love cologne for men because it inspires compliments

Need an opportunity to give a compliment? Science says that most guys have something to say about women who wear a pleasant cologne and they even see it as an opportunity to give a compliment and engage in conversation.

We love cologne for a variety of reasons. We have just listed a few reasons. Try different fragrances until you find some that you love. Explore our cologne guide to discover your next fragrances.


The truth is that you need to find the right colognes for you. You should notice which fragrances produce the most compliments. Please do not put on a lot of cologne. A little goes a long way. Make sure you shower and wear deodorant. Not everybody is going to perceive cologne on a person as attractive. But some people are going to love it. In this case, ‘love’ is defined as ‘sexually attractive. But as cologne fans, we know that not all types of perfume are made for sexual attraction.

Some colognes are made with a nostalgic blend of notes that may have nothing to do with attraction. Ask others for feedback and do your research.